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Anchorage Convention Centers - Centers of Attention - An SMG Newsletter

First Quarter, 2011

“Aerial Anchorage”


New Video on Website

So you’ve heard us say how close the Dena’ina and Egan Centers are, how it’s only a two-block walk and how there’s “connectivity.” What does that mean? What is “connectivity” and how big is an Anchorage city block anyway? Well now you can see it for yourself!

We just launched a new video on our website called “Aerial Anchorage” that shows the downtown area from a helicopter. Flying a big circle around the two Centers, it gives you a great feeling for what and where things are. We’ve included a bunch of pop-up boxes explaining what’s what – and you get to actually see that “connectivity”: the canopy-covered F Street corridor between the Centers and the Alaska Center for the Performing Arts (“Performing Arts Center” or “PAC” to locals). We also highlight some key features of the Centers: great service, outstanding culinary offerings, largest Exhibit (and dining!) Hall in Alaska and the unique Alaska Native Art displayed throughout both facilities.

Have a look, and enjoy this 2 minute eagle-eye view of the Centers and Anchorage downtown. Find it on our website in the Video Gallery under the Egan or Dena’ina, or on our YouTube Channel. Our thanks and compliments to Alaska Aerial Technologies of Seward for the aerial footage and Pacific Rim Media in Anchorage for concept and production.

Speaking of videos and photography…

We receive lots of compliments on the website video clips and photography, the videos we play on our Lobby Kiosks and the “real-life” wedding photography on the web. While it is not feasible to post credit with each and every item, we thought we’d share the names of the professionals behind the scenes.

For video: Alaska Aerial Technologies, the Alaska Channel, Pacific Rim Media. Building, art and event photographers: Ken Graham, Clark James Mishler. Wedding photographers: Chris Cupp, Michael Dennis, Heather Dunn, David Michael Hayes, Joshua Newton, Renee Vanni, Bob & Kim Walker. Google them: all are locals and the quality of their work speaks for itself. More to come as we add to our collection!

Did you know?


We’ve added a lot of useful information to our website recently. Check out the Resources section and you’ll find a plethora of great information for Outsiders and Locals alike: an “Overview” of Anchorage with all kinds of city and travel information provided by our partners at the Anchorage Convention & Visitors Bureau; the Centers’ brochures, Menus, Floor Plans, and the beginning of a listing of Policies, to be added to as we go.

We are as excited about offering you these new tools as we were when our new website launched, only last year, and we have additional improvements coming your way in the course of this year. By the way, you can download most items in PDF format at your convenience. 

Parking and Directions


Need directions to get to the Centers? Want to know your parking options? Find the answers on our website in a handy section called Parking & Directions.

Municipal parking information provided by the Anchorage Community Development Authority (ACDA); State of Alaska’s Pacillo Garage information provided by the State’s Garage operations management company. The directions are ours and aim to make it easier to navigate downtown by providing details on one-way streets, how to get into public parking garages – and out again after your event at the Egan or Dena’ina!