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May 2, 2013 NUVISTA NEWS

Thank You Senator McGuire and Representative Millet!

Senator McGuire introduced SB 32 and Representative Millet introduced HB 137 this legislative session. SB 32/HB 137 would amend Alaska Statute 41.21.167 Wood Tikchik State Park, to allow for on-the-ground investigations to explore the potential for hydroelectric power at Chikuminuk Lake.

We appreciate Senator McGuire and Representative Millet's committment to finding new solutions to address the increasing cost of energy in rural Alaska. Thank you both for supporting renewable and alternative energy.  While these bills did not pass the legislature this session, Nuvista seeks to investigate Chikuminuk Lake's hydroelectric potential as much as the current Wood Tikchik State Park management plan allows.

While we don’t yet know if Chikuminuk is feasible or appropriate, there is no question that new solutions are needed to meet Western Alaska’s energy challenges. Nuvista Light and Electric Cooperative is in the early stages of investigating this project.  We will not commit to this project until we have satisfied ourselves and the people of western Alaska that Chikuminuk is a good fit for the region.

Additional Legislative Actions to Support Affordable Energy

Alaska Housing Finance Corporation (AHFC) Weatherization and Home Energy Rebate Programs received solid funding this legislative session. Both of these programs offer great benefit to rural Alaskans.

The Power Cost Equalization Endowment Fund remains strong and will provide another $33 million to off set the high cost of residential electric rates in rural Alaska for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2014. 

AEA's Renewable Energy Grant Fund again received $25 million in the capital budget. These monies will fund Round VI of the renewable energy project grants. 

Local Energy Star: AVCP Regional Housing Authority

The Association of Village Council Presidents Regional Housing Authority (AVCP-RHA) works to support the housing needs of 56 Federally-recognized tribes in 48 villages throughout the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta, a service area roughly the size of the State of Wisconsin. AVCP-RHA offers and array of services that support affordable, energy efficent housing in the Y-K Delta. AVCP-RHA recognizes the critical role that affordable energy plays in the viability and vitality of our rural communities, that is why AVCP-RHA is working hard to weatherize and improve the energy efficiency of housing in their service area.

This past year saw many improvements for AVCP-RHA houses. Seventy-two homes in six villages received modernization work: Eek, Emmonak, Marshall, Mountain Village, Nunam Iqua, and Scammon Bay. The work included electrical upgrades, repairing floors, adding insulation, and replacing exterior and interior doors, water heaters, windows, ranges and range hoods, bathroom fans, woodstoves, and fuel tanks.

Over the past two years AVCP-RHA has completed weatherization improvements to 260 homes in 24 villages. Each weatherization project begins with conducting an assessment to determine needed upgrades. Standard improvements consist of installing new windows, new heating systems or adding better insulation to the floors, walls or the ceiling. AVCP-RHA is an Energy Star, working to improve energy efficiency and reduce energy costs for their beneficiaries in Western Alaska!

Nuvista Happenings...

It’s a busy time at Nuvista Light and Electric Cooperative. We are excited about all of the projects we are working on to bring stable, sustainable electric power to the residents of southwestern Alaska. Here’s what we’ve been up to.

We’ve moved!
As of April 1st our new address is:
Nuvista Light & Electric Cooperative, Inc.
219 E International Airport Way
Anchorage, AK 99518

We’ve grown our team!
Welcome Linda Mockta
Nuvista’s new Grants/Accounting Technician
Linda will be responsible for internal general accounting and
grant application fiscal reporting.

We’ve completed a draft regional energy plan!
The CARE (Calista AVCP Regional Energy) Plan recommends
activities and projects that will lead to long term reductions
in the cost of electricity, heating, and transportation. The Plan
also recommends improvements to energy system reliability
for the region.

We presented at the Rural Energy Conference!
Nuvista participated in the Rural Energy Conference which took place in Anchorage April 29 – May 1, 2013 at the Sheraton Hotel. Nuvista supports the mission of the Rural Energy Conference which seeks to create a forum for energy stakeholders to share ideas and information with the goal of promoting economic development, environmental sustainability and energy security for Alaskans. We were excited to participate as part of the “Regional Planners” panel. Nuvista presented on the CARE Plan. We also joined in the discussion titled: "When do interties make sense?"  Elaine Brown presented on Nuvista's regional transmission line clustering concepts.