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Welcome to Montana's Missouri River Country

Montana's Missouri River Country is located in the northeast corner of Big Sky Country. We invite you to visit us to experience unique events, unmatched hunting and fishing opportunities and a sense of history in a land untouched by traffic and stress! Below are highlights of upcoming events and travel opportunities in our region. Please visit our website for more details on planning your next trip.

Wildlife Viewing - Slippery Ann Elk Viewing Area

In September, breeding or rut season begins for elk. This is when large numbers of elk congregate at the Slippery Ann Wildlife Elk Viewing Area. Nearly 500 elk visit this area around the second and third weeks of September. Listen while the bull elk conveys a message across the open plains with a high-pitched bugle. Watch huge elk clash antlers to protect their gathered harems of cows. 

Slippery Ann Wildlife Viewing Area is located along the Missouri River near the Fred Robinson Bridge on Hwy 191. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience wildlife viewing at its best.

A Pheasant Hunting Paradise

Missouri River Country

Pheasants can be found throughout the State of Montana, but Northeast Montana is a premiere location. With limited crowds, many believe pheasant hunting is as good as it gets in Montana’s Missouri River Country.

Block Management - A Montana Partnership Providing Hunting Access

Block Management is a cooperative program between private landowners and Fish, Wildlife and Parks. It helps landowners manage hunting activities and provides the public with free hunting access to private land and sometimes to adjacent or isolated public lands. 

There is no charge to hunt on block management lands, and landowner’s participation is voluntary. 

Region six in Northeastern/Northcentral Montana has 320 ranches enrolled. There are 1,179,640 acres and 172 Block Management Areas, and provides 500,000 public land acres. These areas offer excellent opportunities to hunt whitetail and mule deer, elk, antelope, upland game birds, turkey and waterfowl.

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