The government is challenging anti-vaxxers to a Twitter fight. A few bloggers were recruited by Ontario's health ministry to help push its hashtag #butivaccinate through self-deprecating posts about their parenting style. Part of the deal is to attach it to observations that turn up as promoted tweets. Payment for participating doesn't require engaging with respondents, but they're a rabid bunch.

Wychwood Park house relieved of elitist obligation. Ontario’s Court of Appeal agreed that a couple doesn’t have to pay the neighbourhood levy to upkeep the road, trees and fences in the bucolic midtown enclave governed by its own set of rules. (The Globe and Mail notes that the home has been owned for a century by the family of one of its editorial writers, who's retiring today, Gerald Owen.)

New dimensions in rental woes. The front page of the Toronto Star features 59-year-old Elle Gallagher, who's had doors slammed in her face, because advertising for roommates is largely the domain of the young. That is, if they're able to stay housed in the face of rules allowing for "personal use" evictions that often result in renovated re-listings or on Airbnb, which generate their own horror stories:

Today's edition of 12­:­36 is brought to you by Home for Life, at which Colin and Justin host an auction with over $300,000 worth of stuff, serving up fabulous food and drinks, and a curated exhibit of photographs from youth at Eva's Place—which will benefit from it all on the night of June 7. For all the other details click this here.

Q107 signed on 40 years ago this weekend. The radio station launched from the Hudson’s Bay Centre on Sunday, May 22, 1977 with Deodato’s jazzy theme from 2001: A Space Odyssey, followed by Murray McLauchlan’s "Hard Rock Town." Overall, the sound was more laid-back than the '80s heavy metal imaging that followed—and now they play Duran Duran. But here’s the pitch CILQ started with:

“This is not who I am and I will use this opportunity to better myself.” Blue Jays center fielder Kevin Pillar fully apologized for shouting the word “faggot” at Atlanta Braves pitcher Jason Motte—following some less-specific regret that resulted in a two-game suspension—which revived debates about intolerance in baseball, along with wondering if a homophobic slur should be supressed in the process of constructively discussing it.

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Premier Kathleen Wynne announced a new train corridor for southern Ontario by 2025—the skeptics will believe it when they see it.

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