“In darkness, love cries out.” Toronto's poet laureate Anne Michaels was inspired by a statement from the family of van attack victim Anne Marie D’Amico to compose a poem for the vigil:

The newspaper aftermath of what happened.Tales from the Toronto van attack” was the headline for the Globe and Mail's recap, and the Toronto Star had “26 tales of courage and compassion,” while National Post reporters retraced the route. But some reporting by Joe Warmington created a story of its own: police are looking into how information was leaked from jail about the accused killer.

Steve Paikin’s vindication makes no sense to his accuser. The host of TVO’s The Agenda remained on the air throughout an investigation into Sarah Thomson’s claim that he asked her for sex in exchange for guest appearances. Although investigators found no evidence of wrongdoing by Paikin, Thomson continues to press her case, though, and her lawyer is still backing this up:

“They’re just taking a tweet and believing it at face value. And not letting me say anything about it. And I think if I had said anything about it, I don’t think it would have mattered to any of those people, because they had already chosen what their stance was.” Ricky Tollman, the filmmaker behind Run This Town, responds to reaction to the film's use of Rob Ford's mayoralty as a narrative backdrop. The unwanted attention has brought on curiosity about Damian Lewis dressing like RoFo.

Andrea Horwath is either going big or going home. The third attempt by the Ontario NDP leader to do better than third place kicked off in Hamilton. The party won't need to expend much energy on attacking Doug Ford—at least, not while it remains the primary social media plank of the Liberals:

When a scoop turns out to be yesterday’s news. “An investigation done by The Weekly can reveal that the Three Percenters have come to Canada,” Wendy Mesley trumpeted on her Sunday news show. In fact, the armed U.S. paramilitary group's presence was covered in detail last June by Vice—the CBC even used a Vice video clip in its report. The reaction forced an acknowledgement:

Word of the moment

Hong Shing

This Chinese restaurant was ordered by the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal to pay $10,000 to Emile Wickham, after waitstaff asked him and his friends to pay for food in advance.

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