Where do we begin with the 2019 federal election? Justin Trudeau said the next election will be a fight against polarization. He also said he'd be running again next fall, right after a Liberal brunch with Antoni Porowski from Queer Eye. For the Conservatives, internal caucus squabbles will soon be hashed out at the party convention in Halifax. Their leader claims he can handle being offended:

“The process by which this monumental change was made was wrong and unacceptable.” John Tory declared his support for a legal challenge against a provincial bill that cuts the number of council wards to 25. In any case, the last thing he wants is to hand mayoral votes to Jennifer Keesmaat.

Some spectacular shade from the Ontario PCs. It’s entirely possible that Eglinton-Lawrence MPP Robin Martin forgot the name of the lady next to her:

Stan Behal’s alleged attacker is named but unashamed. Following much debate over what happened to Behal, a Toronto Sun photographer who was injured by a protestor while covering an anti-racism rally, Donald Joseph MacLeod was charged with assault. MacLeod’s indifference to his arrest played out in a thread on Facebook.

Pastor claims he “did not have sexual relations” with woman whose baby has a 99.999996 per cent chance of being fathered by him. Martin Kofi Danso’s request to seal the details of a paternity case was dismissed by a Toronto court—leading to coverage in other countries, where Danso has a lucrative following. The father of four, whose wife is currently pregnant with twins, now has the opposite of the sort of attention he was angling for:

Drake has flaked on yet another tour date. “Due to circumstances beyond our control” is all Live Nation has to say about why the first of three Aubrey and the Three Migos shows at the Scotiabank Arena—already having been rescheduled once—was postponed on the morning of the concert. That leaves an empty stage for Kanye West to storm, given how Drake called him a flop in Chicago.

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CBC premiered a podcasting-inspired video documentary series, which covers the Hamilton Police Service’s fruitless pursuit of the Blueberry Bandit.

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