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JULY 2015

The Art of the Summer Sweater

Summer is all about navigating temperature: From office sweaters to sweating outside and from foods that cool to warming-up before a workout—we've got you covered.

Happy Fourth of July from The FruitGuys!


Which Office Sweater Are You?

Office Sweater

Like pets, office sweaters have a lot to say about their owner.

Nearly everybody in the office has one. Stashed in a drawer or draped over a chair back or coat hook, the office sweater can help you manage the shifting climate inside your cubicle. Stephanie Rosenbaum Klassen explores their sartorial significance in WorkLife.

Warm Up Before You Work Out


Dynamic warm-ups prepare your body and protect against injury

Warming up prior to exercise is a crucial part of a fitness regimen, especially if you are looking to avoid hurting yourself. Read about the hows and whys in Fitness.

11 Foods that Cool

foods that cool

Beat the summer heat with the contents of your fridge and pantry

As summer sets in, we crave foods that refresh, hydrate, and help us feel cool. Read on for 11 examples in Food.

Perspiration Nation


How to manage your sweat this summer

Sweat is the great equalizer: Everybody perspires! Here’s the skinny on sweat and some tips for keeping it managed in Health.

Ask The FruitGuys

July 3

Q: Will The FruitGuys be closed on July 3?

A: Yes. The FruitGuys will be closed and not delivering on Friday, July 3, 2015 in observance of Independence Day. All Friday deliveries will be rescheduled for Thursday, July 2. Email for more info or call 1-877-FRUIT-ME.