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T + C Featured Project

Trusty & Company has worked with Peter Margaritis, aka The Accidental Accountant, for over 15 years. We have designed company logos, collateral pieces, advertising, managed social media and blogging. Recently, we launched Peter's fourth website – not because there were issues with previous sites, but because Peter knows he must remain competitive online – that means new design, new technology and updated content.

The new site is fully responsive so it displays perfectly on all devices, is targeted to the message points he feels are critical right now, and uses organic search best practices. While we don't call ourselves SEO (search engine optimization) specialists, we do take SEO seriously, and it pays off for our clients.

Peter told us he recently attended a conference and when asked by the speaker to Google their own names, Peter was one of only two out of 75 attendees who showed as #1 on the first page! That's darn good!

"I would not be in this position on Google if it wasn't for Trusty & Company’s SEO marketing through my website, through my newsletters, and anything related to the marketing that they have handled for me. A big thank you to Claudia and Tom Trusty for your excellence in SEO Marketing," said Peter. (Read the whole story.)

Thanks, Peter! We do understand that it takes a strong plan to rank well online. Good web design and development combined with adherence to SEO best practices and social media marketing can yield very good results. To learn more, call or email us. We love talking shop!

Position Yourself for 2020

A recent Future of Jobs report from the World Economic Forum, shows the Top Ten Skills employers will be demanding in 2020 are shifting from the most critical skill demanded in 2015.

Complex problem solving remains #1 with critical thinking and creativity now rounding out the top three positions. This same set of skills can help businesses evaluate other crucial decisions. If you are considering working with a new marketing firm, you may want to learn about their approach to solving your problems – that's what marketing is about. Do they offer the typical needs assessment – a check list of standard advertising and marketing items. Or do they insist on spending time to understand your business, the problems it faces and your target customer before offering solutions?

Problem solving, critical thinking and creativity. Your marketing firm, and every advisor you work with, should bring all the top ten skills to the table.

Just The Facts

People are connected to their mobile devices. Can your business connect with them? 

  • 73% of people always have their mobile device with them. (October 2015 Facebook research)
  • People pick up their mobile devices 150 to 200 times a day. Result: Almost 30 billion US mobile moments per day total. (Forrester)
  • Mobile sessions average 1 minute 10 seconds or 177 minutes per day. (2014 Google data)