“Absolutely, racism has played a role in this.” Senator Don Meredith gave his first interview since his censure. During the sit-down with the Canadian Press, he begged for forgiveness for what he called a “moral failing.” With wife Michelle by his side, Meredith affirmed he didn't do anything illegal by having an affair with a teenage girl.

Fake chicken claim gets CBC handed a $210-million bill. Subway issued a notice of action in response to last month’s Marketplace report that concluded the chain's poultry was half soy protein, based on tests by the Wildlife Forensic DNA Laboratory at Trent University. The fact that tests showed the grilled chicken at Tim Hortons and Wendy’s contained less tofu, even though they share at least one supplier with Subway, has factored into the follow-ups. Reporters are now breaking new records for abuse of the term “crying fowl.”

Who needs Peter Mansbridge when you've got 😬? This tweet from the CBC confused followers overwhelmed by so many emojis.

Rebel Media contributor flunks Canadian Values Test. Conservative leadership candidates who appeared at Ezra Levant’s rally last month to protest Bill M-103 aren’t too fond of The Rebel now that one of its contributors, Vice co-founder Gavin McInnes, has started saying things that sound pretty anti-Semitic. Chris Alexander said he’ll no longer appear at Rebel events; Kellie Leitch’s campaign, a recent advertiser, says that McInnes is an example of the kind of person she’d keep out of the country.

Furnal Equinox throws some caution to the confused. The annual gathering of people who like to dress as animal mascots has upgraded for its eighth year, abandoning its usual airport hotels in favour of the downtown Westin Harbour Castle. A note left for other guests explains how the furries “celebrate their culture with arts, socializing, and performance.” (Rather than, say, the sex stuff.)

Wilco gives Honest Ed’s a final salute (until the next one). The shell of the Honest Ed's building might be strewn with graffiti, and the TTC is selling off bits of its Bathurst station tribute, but a band from Chicago still cares. Commemorative posters from Wilco's two nights at Massey Hall saluted local retailing landmarks. (Sadly, not the dead department store that basically shares the band's name.)

Josie Dye starts Monday morning at Indie88. The left-of-the-dial attempt to steal audience from 102.1 the Edge is ratcheting up now that 88.1 has hired away a familiar voice. A press release says they spent six months trying to find the right morning host. (The timing is better explained by the expiration of a non-compete clause in her contract.)

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The Real Estate Wealth Expo must be the most successfully advertised event in Toronto history, because everyone is confused about why he's appearing there.

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