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Dear supporters,
competition participants, customers and stockists,
first you don't hear from us for several months and then twice within just a few weeks.

Lots happening though including launching 95 new button badges from this year's B.I.O. (By Invitation Only) Series 15, the competition winners 2015 and four great themed gift boxes to add to your Xmas considerations...

We are still tagging latest additions with colour and theme tags but already wish you happy browsing in the meantime...

In today's news:
Competition winners and runners-up 2015 announced
Out now: B.I.O. (By Invitation Only) Series 15

Four themed button badge gift boxes added

Extra 50% off T-shirt Sale (voucher below)

Latest stockist: House of Illustration / Wholesale info

Featured 10th anniversary products

Converse by Rich Fairhead


Button Badge Of The Day

Every day our super-clever website is randomly picking another of our now 1125 available button badges and features it on our homepage. For 24 hours they are reduced to only £1 – until it is time for the next button of the day. Today: Converse by Rich Fairhead from AFOMFS (A Few Of My Favourite Sneakers) Series

Get Rich's badges here

B.I.O. Series 15

Out now!

65 button badge beauties from B.I.O.
Series 15

B.I.O. (By Invitation Only) Series 15 includes artworks by CHK Design, Daniel Freytag, FL@33, Fred Deakin, Gavin Lucas, Jan Buchczik, Juste Halavin, Lynn Chen, Nemanja Jehlicka, Nick Bell, Nottene, Pierre-Paul Pariseau, Serial Cut and Studio Chehade.

Badges for all!

Competition winners 2015 announced


Winners announced:
11th annual Button Badge Design Competition

Winning badges are now available here and runners-up have been posted here.

See all winners 2004–2015!



Winners, Runners-up, Stats and more

Competition winners 2015

We would like to thank everybody for their submissions to Stereohype's 11th Annual Button Badge Design Competition.

403 accepted entries by
125 individual badge designers
31 disqualified / non-eligible designs
9 disqualified submitters
19 judges / judging teams
60 shortlisted designs featured at
30 runners-up
30 winning designs
6 well-deserved winning sets of 4
6 well-deserved single badge winners
121 (!) received at least 1 vote
64 (!) were voted for as 1st choice winners
24 were voted for as 1st choice winners at least twice
7 were voted for as 1st choice winners three times or more
46 were voted for by 3 or more judges
72 (!) were voted for by 2 or more judges
49 (!) were voted for by 1 judge each
282 did get no vote

1st prize (single badge): Huan Wen
1st prize (set of 4): Joe Lyward
2nd prize (single badge): Robert Hogan
2nd prize (set of 4): Wong Ting Fung
3rd prize (single badge): Eva Kelly
3rd prize (set of 4): Matthew McGregor
4th prize (single badge): Rodrigo Escudero
4th prize (set of 4): Anastasia Frost
5th prize (single badge): Ornella Weston
5th prize (set of 4): Jeroen Funke
Special Stereohype Prize (single badge):
Julia Arrighi
Special Stereohype Prize (set of 4):
Nathasha Devapura

Congratulations also to all the runners-up who made the shortlist of 60! The 30 winning badges are now available to purchase. The others have not been produced by us but will stay online to give credit to everybody who scored enough points from our judges to make this shortlist.

Please feel encouraged to submit new designs to our next competition. You scored a lot of points to have made it onto the shortlist and should be proud of yourself. Anke Weyers, Anna Wittzell, Arne Knutinge-Kaas, Ben Grimes, Blanca Rego, Elizabeth Witsken, Fernando Arce, George Simkin, Giuseppe Gallo, Helen Joo, Job Pannan and Riccardo Tosoni.

A big THANK YOU goes once again to the nice people from the judging panel who helped us so much!

Judging Panel 2015:
Agathe Jacquillat / FL@33 and Stereohype, Alexia Moriaux, Catherine Dixon, Cynthia Bataille, Emily Gosling / It's Nice That, Holly T Burrows, Jenny Haytch, Jonny Leigh, Jono Sandilands, Konrad Sybilski, Nick Spence, Paul McNeill, Pierre-Paul Pariseau, Richard J. Kirk,, Robert Urquhart, Sarah Boris, Sara Cunha, Timothy Hunt and Tomi Vollauschek / FL@33 and Stereohype.



Out now:
B.I.O. (By Invitation Only) Series 15

B.I.O. Series 15

Selected international designers, illustrators and artists were once again invited by us to submit designs for our annual one inch (25mm) button badge initiative B.I.O. (By Invitation Only) and the resulting B.I.O. Series 15 is a 65-strong bunch of button badge beauties created by
CHK Design,
Daniel Freytag,
Fred Deakin,
Gavin Lucas,
Jan Buchczik,
Juste Halavin,
Lynn Chen,
Nemanja Jehlicka,
Nick Bell,
Pierre-Paul Pariseau,
 Serial Cut and
Studio Chehade.



Four latest gift box themes


Our popular range of themed luxuy gift boxes with seven best-selling button badges from our collection was extended today with the four new themes Bipyramids by FL@33, Listening by Nick Bell, Manhole Covers by CHK Design and a Fred Deakin Mix.






Manhole Covers


Fred Deakin Mix







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Stereohype (T-)shirts

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10th anniversary
Stereohype products

Stereohype 2004–2014

Stereohype 2004–2014 book

Our 10th anniversary book and exhibition catalogue featuring the first 1000 button badges, special projects and the anniversary poster / badge 10x10 Series.

(2004–2014 or later)?
Please email to get your £5 off voucher! 8)

Get your copy here.

10x10 poster by Vaughan Oliver

10x10: Vaughan Oliver –  exclusive A1-sized limited edition Fine Art Giclée Print.

10 designers, studios, artists and illustrators were specially commissioned by Stereohype to form part of the 10x10 Poster / Badge Anniversary Series. Shown here is Vaughan Oliver's Down to Ten Men contribution – all limited edition of 10 only, printed on gorgeous Hahnemühle paper!

See them all here.

10x10 poster by Alan Kitching

Alan Kitching –  exclusive A1-sized limited edition letterpress poster – signed!

10 of these beauties were printed by Alan Kitching exclusively for Stereohype's 10th anniversary.

Available here.

Button Badge Artwork

The first 1,000 Stereohype button badge in one perspex frame

100cm x 100cm custom perspex frame featuring every single of the 1,000 button badges from the FL@33-curated Stereohype collection. Over 300 international contributors.

Available here.

Balloons Series / 10x10

Stereohype's Agathe Jacquillat and her super-vibrant poster contribution

Another gem from Balloons – Agathe's ongoing body of work. The party is over but only just begins – graphic art inspired by the subject of 'beautiful remains'.

See them all here.

Button Badge Gift Box 'Tetris'

TwoPoints poster gem

A beauty from the limited edition anniversary poster series printed on stunning Hahnemühle paper!

See them all here.


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*:) Agathe and Tomi 8)