Conservatives enter a new world of shitposts. With interim leader Rona Ambrose ready to be replaced, the party has started moving away from featuring her face. Now, the Tories are leaning on a tactic gleaned from Trump supporters: low-grade memes, fondly known as “shitposting,” to remind folks that Liberals can’t do anything right.

Weed Day announcement is an anticipated gold rush. Medical marijuana insiders have been cashing in by selling stock ahead of legislation likely to make make their products recreational. On the eve of the bill's public debut, Conservative leadership candidate Kellie Leitch pledged to roll it back, and at least one hot-take calling it a terrible idea.

TTC lateness can mostly be blamed on other riders. CBC Toronto scraped the data to break down the 2,373 subway outages of 2016. There's a trend of more “medical-type calls," but track litter that sparks fire and smoke leads to longer delays:

“The world has become a screaming match.” The second track in Jian Ghomeshi’s The Ideation Project is about how online outrage has spiralled out of everyone’s control. The comment section on his first video, viewed just over 30,000 times this week, shows he’s paying attention to critics: he highlighted a rebuttal from a self-described “anti-feminist” YouTuber who tells Ghomeshi to accept the limitations of humanity and quit the silly slam poetry.

Jim Slotek is done with the Toronto Sun. The latest Postmedia byline buyout started as a proofreader in 1980 and returned three years later as an entertainment writer. In his farewell column, he laments the era when a liberal like him could thrive at the Sun in relative harmony. “You had a beat. the editor asked what you were covering and it went in the paper,” writes Slotek. “Now you have to convince them it’ll get clicks. And what gets clicks? Superhero movies, Beyoncé, sports and—at this paper—hard-right politics.”

Pickup couch shrinks have no monetization plans. “FREE RELATIONSHIP ADVICE” reads the scrawl on plywood that some Beaches basement-dwellers planted on their truck. The stunt resulted in long lines of locals looking to spill—a phenomenon verified in a report from CityNews. So, the amateur therapists set up a GoFundMe to raise $620 for a spot in the Easter Parade this Sunday. Still, they have no plans to follow Lucy van Pelt’s example and charge each advice-seeker at least one nickel.

12:36 returns on Tuesday to kick off a new season with The top 36 of 2017 (so far).

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The eatery announced its first Canadian location, in Yorkdale. The news was met with less media enthusiasm than the arrival of other U.S. brands.

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