May 2016 - Vol 8, Issue 1

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ASMS 2016 San Antonio, TX

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We hope you will join us at ASMS next month in San Antonio. You can find us at Booth #322 in the exhibition hall and on Sunday, June 5th, at noon, at our Users Group Meeting in Room 005. For more information and to register, click here.

From the Rose City to the Rose Window of San Antonio...
Sculpted in 1775, La Ventana de Rosa is considered to be one of the finest examples of baroque architecture in North America. And, like Pedro Huizar who sculpted the Rose Window, Proteome Software designs its software for beautiful results.

Posters of Interest at ASMS 2016:

Monday, June 6

MP 699 Exercise-Induced Protein Secretion from Muscle; You Zhou; Ji Li; Sammy Pardo; Dana Molleur; Caleb Emmons; Susan T Weintraub; Nicolas Musi

Wednesday, June 8

WP 097 Quantitative Profiling of Hypoxia-responsive Cellular Pathways Associated with Metastasis in Osteosarcoma by Parallel Reaction Monitoring Assay; Zifeng Song; Liping Yang; Luisa Zini; Caleb Emmons; Siva Kolluri; Millan Shay; Milan Milovancev; Claudia S Maier

MP 257 Utilizing Advanced Multivariate Analysis Features with Automated Database Searching Algorithms to Simplify Metabolomics Study Conduct and Understanding; Christopher Colangelo; Phillip Seitzer; Rick Schneider

WP 372 An Adjusted-Median Approach to Missing Values in Label Free Quantitation; Seth Just1; Luisa Zini; Nick Vincent-Maloney; Brian C Searle

WP 554 Comprehensive HPLC-MS Metabolomics Analysis of Brain Tissue Reveals Age, Region, and Gender-Specific Effects of Centella asiatica; Parnian Lak; Nora Gray; Luisa Zini; Phillip Seitzer; Christopher Harris; Joseph Quinn; Amala Soumyanath2; Jan Fred Stevens1; Claudia Maier

WP 572 Identification of Eicosanoids Mediating Thromboresistance using an Untargeted Metabolomics and Informatics Approach; Patrizia B Stadler; Shunyan Mo; Phillip Seitzer; Christopher M Colangelo; Jeffrey J Rade; Scott A Shaffer


8:30 am THURSDAY, Hemisfair Ballroom 3, level 3, Brian Searle EncyclopeDIA: a New Algorithmic Approach to Detect, Site-Localize, And Quantify Phosphopeptide Positional Isomers from DIA Experiments; Brian C. Searle; Robert T Lawrence; Michael J MacCoss; Judit Villén

Product News: What’s New

Scaffold PTM 3.0

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Scaffold Q+ and Q+S 4.5

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Elements for Metabolomics 1.2

Our new Elements software for untargeted LC/MS metabolomics provides multidimensional search and scoring algorithms for superior metabolite IDs based on MS1, MS2 and RT. You can utilize powerful statistics at any desired level of summarization, track changing metabolites with ease, and visualize and share your experiments with our free Viewer.

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Product News: Coming Soon


Scaffold Q+

Scaffold Batch


Do you have a publication that cites Scaffold or Elements? Let us know! We will post a citation about your publication on our website and spread the word about your great work. Send us an email to EMAIL ADDRESS with the details.

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