Amazing wildlife sighting yesterday in our Magical Kalahari Concession!

28 February 2016


Dear Friends,

The Reserve Manager of our Kalahari concession phoned Hans Vermaak this morning to share the news of a phenomenal wildlife sighting he had the rare privilege of enjoying yesterday afternoon.

He was parked about 100 meters from Sebudu Pan (many of you will know this waterhole) 30 minutes before sunset taking in the scenery on his way back to the reserve headquarters. 3 White Rhino were drinking alongside some Giraffe. Suddenly a big Tom Leopard appeared out of nowhere and drank just meters away from the Rhino who remained undisturbed. After quenching it's thirst the Leopard wandered back into the bush and as it disappeared 10 Buffalo bulls emerged from a thicket on the northern side of the waterhole. They tested the wind and suddenly bolted into the open area near the waterhole. They were followed closely by 5 Lions - clearly hoping to enjoy some Buffalo steak! The Buffalo didn’t take kindly to the Lions pursuing them! They spun around in a cloud of dust and charged the Lions who got the message loud and clear and fled into the surrounding bush. The Buffalo strolled back to the waterhole and drank, albeit nervously. While they were drinking 7 Elephant came in and sloshed around, muddying the waterhole, and left as promptly as they had arrived.  

Just minutes after the Elephant had departed 3 Cheetah strolled across the pan and started drinking. They were joined by a few rare and endangered African Wild Dogs. The Cheetah, knowing the pecking order departed, giving the Wild Dogs a wide berth. While the Wild Dogs were drinking and laying lazily at the edge of the waterhole a Brown and a Spotted Hyena arrived (not travelling together) just at dark to quench their thirst before heading off for the night in search of a meal. They were flanked by a pair of Black-backed Jackals. Darkness fell over the pan and the show was over!

In just thirty minutes Johan had seen all of the Big 5 as well as Cheetah, Wild Dogs, two species of Hyena, Jackal and Giraffe, from one spot! This is no just unique - it’s phenomenal; and there are very few places in Africa that can provide this kind of experience! Unfortunately Johan didn’t have his camera with him, however, it is moments like these that will forever be etched in one’s heart and mind and that add a whole new dimension to a safari! We love to hunt, but we also love to sit, listen and watch! Hunting is only one aspect of a safari because a safari is a journey. It's an adventure, its time away from the hustle and bustle and stresses of daily life, it's an escape into stunning wilderness areas where every moment out there is never the same! It's experiences like these which are cherished and remembered forever. 

Our Kalahari Concession is a magical place where opportunities like this can be enjoyed if you are lucky and if you are at the right place at just the right time. This is one of the reasons why safaris should be longer in duration rather than shorter! Always make time to smell the roses! We are excited to be sharing this amazing destination with our valued clients this year, there is no place like it anywhere and we realize how privileged we are!

With best personal regards,

Hans Vermaak and the CVS Team

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