“This guy is an empty trust-fund millionaire who has the political depth of a finger bowl.” Jason Kenney is seizing the Trans Mountain Pipeline dispute to take aim at Justin Trudeau. Meanwhile, the PM was getting an honourary doctor of laws degree at Yankee Stadium, where he also delivered a speech that took aim at identity politics:

Doug Ford’s growing scandal scorecard. On the fifth anniversary of his brother Rob’s crack video becoming news, the Ontario PC leader was exposed for breaking campaign finance rules by attending a party fundraiser. On top of that, his Brampton East candidate, Simmer Sandhu, has resigned amidst allegations of internal data theft at his job with Highway 407. No better time for Patrick Brown to announce he’s writing a memoir called Take Down.

An artisanal café in Thunder Bay seemed to be providing fuel to the alt-right. Following a Montreal Gazette exposé about an influential Quebecois neo-Nazi, Vice delivers a thorough investigation into one of that guy's podcasting associates. “In the spring of 2017, Thomas White had an idea,” the story begins. “What if he combined his love of gourmet coffee with his staunch belief in a white ethnostate?

Charity the cow has been flown out of Cathedraltown. “I’m glad our neighbourhood that we love will return to the way it was,” said Danny Da Silva, a staunch opponent of the shiny bovine that began blocking his windows last July. Complaints about Charity led to a removal order in September, which was delayed by a legal challenge from the statue's donor. A spokesperson for Roman-Barber says that her company “is moving the statue to a place where she will be appreciated.”

What remains from the MuchMusic nostalgia machine. Smirks about the station's cultural obsolescence will be delayed this year, because the iHeartRadio MMVA show has been moved from mid-June to late August. In the meantime, the '90s Much legacy is the focus of a curious book that's out soon:

Joseph Campanella dead at 93. After being one of those all-purpose character acting fixtures of American televisison, an unusual gig came to Campanella in 1976 via the no-budget Global Television Network. Science International was a show in which he narrated unusual innovations, portrayed by un-animated cartoon illustrations. Campanella eventually got back into stateside soap operas, while these Canadian shows continued to be rerun under the title What Will They Think of Next!

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Anthony Bourdain used this term to refer to two Quebec chefs who joined him on an episode of Parts Unknown. Subsequent backlash led the TV host to lament what passes for journalism in Canada.

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