Justin Trudeau's egregious fibbing. What’s more surprising from the takeaway of the PM’s turn on Live with Kelly and Ryan: that he insinuated there hasn’t been a female prime minister, or that Kim Campbell didn’t dispatch a smarmy tweet about it? Conservatives just saw a branding opportunity, despite the leader’s weird ways with a comma.

Matthew Perry stumbles off Broadway. Fresh from basking in his pugilistic history with PMJT, the sitcom star formerly known as Chandler Bing is starring in a play he wrote. The End of Longing—featuring an ensemble cast and a plot centered on a photographer whose addiction past matches Perry’s own—opened to scathing NYC reviews. Meanwhile, the U.K. debut of Toronto-shot The Kennedys: Decline and Fall distracted viewers who thought that Perry looked particularly plasticine.

Boy in short pants returns to Snapchat. The provincial Liberals keep the announcements coming—today about developing a universal child care system—as speculation grows that Premier Kathleen Wynne will call a snap election. Now, Scarborough MPP Lorenzo Berardinetti is calling mayor John Tory “juvenile” for sending letters to push the province on public housing. Tory’s glad-handing is being chronicled on social media: Snapchat followers can watch him place a an order at Tim Hortons, the home of lattes as perfectly uncomplicated as he.

Andrea Constand ready to take the stand before Bill Cosby. The comedian’s sexual assault trial started near Philadelphia, with the first witness not being the Toronto woman who prompted the revival of criminal charges, but a former William Morris Agency assistant who testified about similar conduct. Cosby’s defence offered evidence that Constand called him 53 times after the 2004 incident. (Joe Warmington, doing what he can to stay on it, dredged up a claim by the late promoter Gino Empry about how Cosby’s rider included Shopsy’s smoked meat and “three Asian women.”)

Stats Canada joke book pitch is understandably morose. The second attempt to package the spirit of the satirical Twitter account—joining a crowded shelf of snark about Canada 150—is darkened by the fact that its co-founder Ren Bostelaar’s name was off the project after he confessed to sharing “sensitive” photos of women on 4chan. Bostelaar was also the one who did most of the taking for the group the last time around. Without him, CTV News anchor Marcia MacMillan was confused about how two of the other co-authors seemed so subdued for humourists, while a scroll of @stats_canada showed their statement about Bostelaar pinned to the top.

The new Eaton Centre skybridge is an engineering tourist attraction. While the worn-down walkway over Queen Street is now gone (along with the Dairy Queen and Orange Julius stand that was a mall tenant for 38 years), a replacement is being assembled on James Street, with plans to hoist it into place this fall. The look of the steel ribs confirm that the curving is a feature and not a bug.

Toronto Star roti test is still getting dragged by Trinis. The Dish columnist’s advice to eat only half of a boneless chicken order from Ali’s Roti Shop incensed enough social mediaites that it’s been dubbed “Roti-gate” by the Trinidad Express. (Disdain also extends to the video where Megan Ogilvie pronounces it as “roadie.”) Even more annoying is the likelihood that, if the Star’s meta-fixation with their own recent internal controversies are anything to go by, there’ll be a few apologetic articles about it.

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York Regional Police responded to a weapons call in the area of Bathurst and Centre, but the women parted ways before cops arrived.

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