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Industry Standards and Technology Organization Turns 15

IEEE-ISTO works to make industry alliances and associations successful 

by Kathy Pretz, The Institute

Establishing an industry trade group to develop technical standards is not easy. These consortia have, for example, developed wireless charging standards, improved interoperability among components in mobile devices, and set standards for open-source processors applied in data-center servers.

Certainly the technical work can be challenging, but the administrative burdens of setting up a group that can include hundreds of companies, and keeping it humming are often the hardest and most time-consuming. That’s why in 1999 IEEE established the Industry Standards and Technology Organization.

Read the entire article on The Institute's website.

OpenPOWER Foundation Announces First OpenPOWER Summit

The OpenPOWER Foundation, an open development community dedicated to accelerating data center innovation for POWER platforms, recently announced its first OpenPOWER Summit. The Summit will be held 17-19 March 2015, at the San Jose Convention Center in California.

“In less than a year since formally establishing the organization, we’ve welcomed more than 75 member companies across 20 countries, formed six working groups and have begun delivering a set of technical building blocks that will help drive meaningful data center innovation,” said Gordon MacKean, Chairman, OpenPOWER Foundation. “As part of our growth, we’re excited to host our first OpenPOWER Summit – where we’ll bring together an ecosystem of hardware and software developers, customers, academics, government agencies, industry luminaries, press and analysts to build OpenPOWER momentum.”

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IEEE-ISTO Returns to CES in 2015

IEEE-ISTO is pleased to return to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) early next January. For 2015, IEEE-ISTO will share a spot on the IEEE booth located at:  LVCC, South Hall 3 - 30646.

Stop by the IEEE booth hear how IEEE-ISTO member programs help advance consumer technology.  You can also test your mental skills by challenging other attendees to a race featuring mind-controlled cars.  

Zhaga Consortium starts work on new specification for COB LED arrays

The Zhaga Consortium, which develops specifications for interchangeable LED light sources, is now working on a new Book that will include Chip-on-Board (COB) LED arrays.

COB arrays are already in widespread use throughout the LED lighting industry, but different manufacturers offer a wide range of alternative sizes. This creates problems for luminaire makers and other stakeholders such as COB holder suppliers, and limits their options to use alternative products from different suppliers without changing their luminaire or holder designs.

Read more at the Zhaga Consortium website.

‘Indoor Location will be a Ubiquitous Enabler for Next-Gen Applications’

Indoor positioning benefits will span all the industries, from health care to manufacturing, tourism to rescue services. Jouni Kamarainen, Chairman, InLocation Alliance — an ecosystem of industry players to stimulate innovation in indoor location space and accelerate market adoption — believes the potential market is huge.

What are the major trends that you see in the indoor mapping and navigation market?

In a few years the ability to locate people and objects indoor will be a ubiquitous enabler for a new generation of context-based applications. Consumers will be able to navigate seamlessly indoors and outdoors. They will come to expect hyper local content and will enjoy the benefits across all aspects of their life from the simplification of tracking their personal belongings, to truly global navigation, to personalised services. 

The rest of the interview can be found at Geospatial World.

MIPI® Alliance Introduces Sensor Interface Specification for Mobile, Mobile-Influenced and Embedded-Systems Applications

MIPI®Alliance, an international organization that develops interface specifications for mobile and mobile-influenced industries, recently introduced a sensor interface specification for mobile, mobile-influenced and embedded-systems applications. The new specification, named MIPI I3C℠ (or MIPI i3c℠), was developed with the participation of vendors from across the sensor and mobile ecosystems.

The name MIPI SenseWire℠ will be used to describe the application of I3C℠ in mobile devices and the use of the I3C interface for mobile devices connecting to a set of sensors, directly or indirectly.  MIPI Alliance issued the announcement in conjunction with MEMS Executive Congress, which took place recently in Scottsdale, Arizona. The new specification, named MIPI I3C℠ (or MIPI i3c℠), was developed with the participation of vendors from across the sensor and mobile ecosystems. The name MIPI SenseWire℠ will be used to describe the application of I3C℠ in mobile devices and the use of the I3C interface for mobile devices connecting to a set of sensors, directly or indirectly.

Read more at the MIPI Alliance website.

IEEE-ISTO is Now on Google+

IEEE-ISTO on Google+

IEEE-ISTO is now on Google+!  Visit the page today and add IEEE-ISTO to your circles.  You'll get the latest news and events from IEEE-ISTO and IEEE-ISTO member programs.

Current IEEE-ISTO Programs

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IEEE-ISTO Program News

InLocation Alliance

Kantara Initiative

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IEEE-ISTO Program Events

The Connected Lighting Alliance

6-9 January 2014 - Consumer Electronics Show

InLocation Alliance

10-12 February 2015 - 2015 InLocation Alliance Plenary

MIPI Alliance

4-5 March 2015 - MEMS Executive Congress Europe 2015

9-13 March 2015 - Member Meeting

OpenPOWER Foundation

17-19 March 2015 - OpenPOWER Summit

Printer Working Group

4-6 February 2015 - Member Meeting

Wireless Power Consortium

6-9 January 2015 - Consumer Electronics Show



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