Mike Bullard’s recent static. The comedian and radio host has been charged with criminal harassment for allegedly stalking City TV’s Cynthia Mulligan after she broke off their nine-month relationship. The Toronto Star’s report cites sources who say the matter might be resolved with a peace bond. Two years ago, Bullard joked on Twitter about the prospect of being investigated by the Star's Kevin Donovan. (Donovan's response: "I already have.")

Park sex crackdown crashes into federal apology for historical discrimination against gays. “Operation Marie” targeted Marie Curtis Park, on the border of Toronto and Mississauga, where 72 people are facing 89 charges mostly related to sexy bylaw infractions. The operation, spurred by community complaints, coincides with a federal redress of past convictions related to sexual conduct.

“A Trump presidency: It might not be all that bad.” Margaret Wente moves into the acceptance stage of grief after the requisite columns covering anger, bargaining and depression. (Not necessarily in that order.) Meanwhile, she refuses to make good on a pledge she made in a March column:

Donald Trump admiration fogs the air in Ottawa-Vanier. André Marin's pursuit of vengeance upon Kathleen Wynne can't help but seem a bit Trumplike in the days before Thursday’s by-election. The ex-ombudsman's campaign manager actually cheered for Trump in a now-deleted tweet, and a few of his supporters seem to be Donald fans as well. Marin, for his part, offered typical digs while watching the U.S. election. 

Samantha Bee still has a job. While singled out by New York Times columnist Ross Douthat back in September as the very type of satirist who was setting up Hillary Clinton to lose, the Toronto native returned to Full Frontal last night, with Jon Stewart in tow, and set about generating smarmy clips designed to go viral. (Fittingly, fatigue with this stuff has sunk in just in time for Canada to get its own version: The Beaverton.)

Leonard Cohen proves death is still music’s best PR move. You Want It Darker, which debuted on Canada's album chart at number one, rebounded to the top after news of his passing was made public. So far, the memorial stories have largely avoided bringing up anything that would make him seem like a creep. PBS Digital Studios has used a 1974 interview to animate Cohen's ladies' man ways:

Jordan Peterson’s debate is set for Saturday morning. An academic forum on Bill C-16 and the gender provisions of the human rights code, featuring Peterson and two academic opponents, has been scheduled over the objections of some on the university's staff. Peterson will stream the debate on YouTube, where his channel now boasts as many subscribers as the University of Toronto has students.

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The headline on signs spotted around East York inviting people "sick of being blamed for all the world's problems" to join the alt-right movement.

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