Welcoming Jean Pogge
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News from Ecotrust Canada

Onwards and Upwards


On behalf of the Board of Directors, we are excited to announce that, after a significant search, Brenda (Reid) Kuecks will be passing the leadership torch to Jean Pogge in January 2016.

Jean joins us from her current position as the CEO of the Delta Institute, a “Chicago-based non-profit that thinks like a business to build both a resilient environment and economy through sustainable solutions.”

Jean’s proven leadership at the Delta Institute, together with her prior experience as Executive Vice President at ShoreBank Chicago, Adjunct Professor at the Great Cities Institute, and President of the Woodstock Institute, uniquely prepares her to lead with the right combination of grace and expertise the complex portfolio of charitable programming and emerging enterprises that comprise Ecotrust Canada in its 20th year.


When Brenda Kuecks announced in 2014 her intention to step down from her role as President by December 2015, we knew we had a big job ahead. In Jean, we believe we have found a leader capable of simultaneously embracing Ecotrust Canada’s triple-bottom-line mission, advancing the strategy for an effective union between charitable work and social enterprise, and garnering the respect of a seasoned multi-disciplinary team.

This transition has been carefully planned and will be dutifully executed. It speaks highly of an organization that understands the importance of embracing change and preparing thoroughly for mission-driven growth. 


Ecotrust Canada’s inaugural President, Ian Gill, came to us through a career in public media. His skills were perfect for a time when the organization was building its vision and encouraging public discourse about development strategies and approaches that blend environmental, social, and financial benefits. 


Brenda Kuecks brought us the skills we needed to align Ecotrust Canada’s bold mission with its team's talents and tools. Under her leadership, the organization has been able to demonstrate economic alternatives under real market conditions, take our work beyond BC, and build enduring strategic institutional and community partnerships that will be important to the organization’s future. 


And now, Ecotrust Canada prepares for its next bold chapter with Jean Pogge, who offers us the talent and depth of experience to deliver Ecotrust Canada's unique solutions at scale across a larger landscape.


Anchored by its solid team of professionals, Ecotrust Canada's focus will continue to be designing, demonstrating, and deploying economic alternatives that benefit people in the places they call home.


Warmest regards,