“Remember lesbians and gays banned from change rooms of health clubs? This is the same thing.” MPP Cheri DiNovo offered this perspective on the controversy that surrounds the Body Blitz spa allegedly turning away a transgender woman due to its policy forbidding male genitalia. Body Blitz promises to work with a “civil rights professional” to create “a clear and fair policy.” The range of enraged comments on recent promotional Facebook posts all but assure that it sure won’t be sorted out on here:

Mayor tries reminding storefront weed dispensaries that they’re not part of the plan. “The federal government has said nothing about having some wide network of shops on every street corner pop up to sell marijuana,” said John Tory, opposing an immediate decriminalization of marijuana even as storefronts proliferate again. Distribution might be destined for all the convenience stores now changing their names to Circle K—owner Couche-Tard hired a pot lobbyist.

Digital screen takes over the top of the Hard Rock Café. Shoppers Drug Mart may be hoping that 279 Yonge becomes the world’s biggest weed store after it renovates the space this fall. But the wrap above the building is already being touted as the biggest of its kind by Astral, getting a jump on more proposed jumbo video screens around Yonge and Dundas and contributing to what was once feared as a visual pollution monstrosity—until these billboards started competing with smartphones.

AOL makes Yahoo take its Oath. The roll-up of the 1990s internet giants into a Verizon division known as Oath is now complete, initially resulting in layoffs at HuffPost. Yahoo could once count on big Canadian traffic due to a deal with Rogers—at least from customers who didn’t know how to change their default home pages, similar to how AOL still gets dial-up revenue. (Yahoo Finance's editor posted a skeptical view while he can.)

“Appropriation Prize” controversy keeps feeding the commentariat. "It is just as well that I’m a writer, not an editor,” begins Kenan Malik in the New York Times. “Were I editing a newspaper or magazine, I might soon be out of a job.” But the claim reflects confusion about details surrounding Canadian media figures whose job status changed after the flap, echoing a report from The Economist. Malik finds plenty of malevolence in recent examples assailed on grounds of being out of bounds.

Canadian game show promises a more wholesome revival. Gender parity is reflected in the title Just Like Mom & Dad, which secured money from the Bell Fund for broadcast on the Christian-based Yes TV and a U.S. station owned by Bringham Young University. Fergie Olver, the original Just Like Mom host, got some viral infamy in 2010 for a montage of getting close to young contestants. Postings from his daughter, a host on The Shopping Channel, confirm that Fergie is still just like himself.

“Steal My Sunshine” baby has graduated high school. The status of the spawn of an expectant mother featured in the 1999 music video gets asked about from time to time, although the question never seemed to reach the leader of local one-hit-wonder act Len—until now. "He's awesome," tweeted Marc Costanzo. "Still talk to Al (the girl) all the time. She's 17." What else is there to know?

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The sparkling water with the vaporwave branding is making its Canadian debut.

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