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- Winter 2016 -


Stanford On The Moon Endowment Fund and SOM Advisory Committee Open New Era for 21st Century SOM Vision

Looking forward to 2016 and well beyond, the Stanford on the Moon Alumni Club foresees possibilities of new 21st century long-range interaction between the newly-constituted SOM Advisory Committee and the newly-launched SOM Endowment Fund at the School of Humanities and Sciences.

The SOM Advisory Committee was introduced by Michelle Gonella ‘81 to the Stanford On the Moon 2015 Homecoming Reunion Conference, “Sustaining and Realizing the Vision: The Next 50-75 Years”, on the Quad, October 23: Steve Durst, Founder, Class of 1965, Lois Driggs Aldrin ‘51, Bruce Lusignan ‘58, Jim McCotter ‘65, Loretta Hidalgo Whitesides ‘96, Grant Anderson ‘85, Henning Roedel 2011, Jim Michaelis ‘60, John Kleeman ‘69, Alicia Kavelaars 2002, William Brown ‘65, and Professor Sigrid Close. Denise Ellestad, Development Director at the School of Humanities and Sciences, congratulated the Advisory Committee members and acknowledged the generous gifts from Class of 1965 alumni which enabled the establishment of the SOM Endowment Fund.

Our new Advisory Committee will be working with the School of Humanities and Sciences to advise how to best distribute the funds generated by the Stanford On The Moon Endowment Fund, as well as reach out to the research community to foster opportunities for use. This perpetual endowment will continue to support both scientific research and artistic endeavors relating to the Moon over the next 50-75 years and beyond.  Alumni and interested parties wishing to add to the Endowment should contact Denise Ellestad at the School of Humanities and Sciences.

SOM Advisory Committee additional 2016 activities include collaboration with the SOM Alumni Club to produce this quarterly SOM News and considerations for the annual SOM Homecoming Reunion Conference in October. The Alumni Club was established in 2006 as an Official Club of the Stanford Alumni Association.



Memorable SOM 2015 Homecoming Conference

In addition to the introduction of the Endowment Fund and the Advisory Committee, the SOM 2015 Conference hosted distinguished close relatives of the Apollo 11 immortals: Lois Driggs Aldrin, Buzz’s wife (former) for some 30 years, and Mark Armstrong ‘85, Neil’s son, who highly commended SOM.

Stanford Alum and Teacher In Space Astronaut Barbara Morgan ‘73 (also Sally’s Class) sent congrats for the 50th Reunion “wonderful milestone” of founding Class of 1965 (“My classmates and I are only 8 years behind you!”).

Conference participation by alums Britta Erickson, Lyn Hennion, Stacey Yuen, former Prof Bruce Lusignan, Lisa Cannon, and others, and engaged communications from Sarah Taylor (S Calif) and John Kleeman (Space Age Museum, Connecticut) may enable SOM Alumni Club Regional activities in the future.


Stanford Student Space Initiative

SSSI rep Sasha Maldonado, stepping in for exec lead Thomas Teisberg at the Conference, energetically updated current and future activities such as high altitude balloon science / tech, optical communications research, and an ambitious SSSI speaker schedule. The subject of Lunar Property Rights presented by invited guest speaker Jim Keravala of Shackleton Energy Company may well become a future SSSI concern.


Stanford Bing Overseas Studies Program / Stanford in France VI

Enabling the original vision and inspiring the ultimate goal of a Center for Stanford on the Moon, the Bing Overseas Studies program is well represented on the Advisory Committee with Jim McCotter, Bill Brown and Steve Durst, all  1963 Stanford in France VI alums. About 30 of the original 80 France VI alums enjoyed a very cordial, special mini-reunion with their copains chez Ann Duwe on Saturday pm 24 Oct.


Stanford Student Observatory

A Sunday morning SOM Alumni Club visit to this hidden Stanford gem capped the 2015 Reunion weekend and highlighted future focus and realization of the SOM vision. Advisory Committee members Jim McCotter with wife Carole, Henning Roedel with Stacey Yuen, and Steve Durst joined Denise Ellestad to learn of the Observatory’s research and activities from Astronomy Professors Peer Michelson and Bob Byers. Prof Bruce Macintosh of the Kavli Institute at Stanford invited alums to visit again and participate in SSO developments.


Stanford Alumni on Mars

Continuing communications with Anand Manikutty, an originator of the Stanford Alumni on Mars initiative, our SOM Alumni Club hopes obvious and natural collaboration towards a Multi World Species will increase in innovation and depth as 21st century space science and education progresses.                   


11th Stanford President-designate Marc Tessier-Lavigne, and 10th President John Hennessy Are Congratulated

The Stanford on the Moon Alumni Club warmly welcomes and celebrates Stanford's newly-selected next President.

To assume office September 1, Marc Tessier-Lavigne, President of Rockefeller University and a former Stanford professor, will be invited to update and succeed outgoing 10th President Hennessy's interest and support of SOM goals and activities.


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