Royal purple reigns over Bayview Jug Milk. The convenience store a few blocks south of Eglinton was looking to upgrade its old sign, which advertised Kit Kat—but Nestle wasn’t interested, reports The South Bayview Bulldog. The store then turned to Hershey, which passed. Eventually, Cadbury signed on. The rather British roots of Leaside are honoured by this Pantone beacon:

Balanced city budget delays the dream of a Downtown North York.REimagining Yonge Street,” a project to make the stretch from Sheppard to Finch more pedestrian and bike-friendly, had its design work put on pause because of a motion by old-school North York councillor David Shiner. (Meanwhile, the accidental exclusion of street sweepers from the equation was mercifully rectified.)

Norm Kelly really is “Too Lit to Politic.” Following some local disappointment over the Reply All podcast's credulous approach to @norm's supposed origin story, Kelly has provided his critics with some new ammo. The councillor, along with the rest of council's right wing, voted to cut staff at homeless shelters, leading to a predictably adverse reaction on Twitter. Kelly has yet to respond. Instead, his feed remains focused on things like this:

Rogers Cable 10’s original home is closed. The channel's studios at 855 York Mills Road have been shuttered, because of new CRTC leeway that allows the company to steer its community programming budget to City TV. The building once housed many eccentric volunteer productions—the very kind of stuff that inspired Wayne’s World—along with a quarter-century of Mel Lastman struggling to make sense of constituent calls on his show, Straight Talk.

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Robert Gage dead at 74. Toronto’s most celebrated high society hairdresser, who operated his salon from a townhouse at 14 St. Joseph Street, retired in 2015 and retreated to his rural estate. But he kept in touch with his clientele on social media:

Joe Trudeau is more Garfunkel than Simon. The prime minister’s Twitter archives from before he acquired power may not be as colourful as @realDonaldTrump's, but they provide a reminder of an era in which he could still longboard to the office. For some reason, a clunky 2012 tweet was churned into clickbait this week: “For the record: I, and my entire staff, despise Paul Simon. #garfunkleallthe way.” Whether Trudeau still holds this opinion is between him and his headphones:

The New Barbarians haunt us still. There’s a new book that chronicles Ron Wood and Keith Richards’ spin-off band, whose month-long existence included opening a CNIB benefit concert in Oshawa, which Richards was ordered to play as a penalty for his Toronto heroin bust. The index includes a pair of references to “Margaret Trudeau tryst.”

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