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August 2015

Long Live the Gravenstein!

In California's Sonoma County, apple lovers and farmers have banded together to save the region's historic local apple—and you can help. Plus, the benefits and how-tos of better sleep, tackling food waste in the office, and an ode to nut butters.


Give Grav Love


Save Sonoma County’s special apple, the Gravenstein

Sebastopol, CA, is the Gravenstein apple capital of the world. Read about this heirloom apple’s rich history, its endangered status, and how you can help save (and savor!) it in FruitLife.

Consider the Worm


Creative ways to cut office food waste

Food is wasted from farm to fork. But there are ways you can be part of the solution—even at work. Check out these ideas on tackling office food waste in WorkLife.

Perchance to Dream


A good night’s sleep and how to get it

Stressed, overworked, sedentary—it’s no wonder that sleep issues have become a cultural norm. Some simple lifestyle changes can go a long way toward a better night’s sleep. More in Health.

Go Nuts!


The joy of nut (and seed) butters

Nut butters are decadent-tasting, healthy, and versatile. What’s not to like? You can even make your own. Miriam Wolf tells you how in Food.

Allez Cuisine!


The FruitGuys take on Iron Chef

Nine employees stepped up to The FruitGuys third Iron Chef competition. Find out which dish and chef took home the top prize in WorkLife.