Dilworth Plaza Fulfills William Penn's Dream

Take a drive into center city Philadelphia and head towards the iconic City Hall. You will see an exciting transformation underway! This site under construction, the newly named Dilworth Park, is just outside of City Hall. It is being developed into a new area providing civic space, transportation gathering areas, newly landscaped spaces, a cafe, fountains, artwork and more.

Visitors will find it to be open, airy and welcoming. In fact it is easily accessible too as it can be reached from any side of City Hall and connects easily to existing transit lines. Many entertaining attractions are planned for people of all ages at Dilworth Park. The environment and design, adapting throughout the seasons, even allows for the water to change to ice for ice skating in the winter time.

In its original planning stages William Penn intended City Hall to be a ‘central gathering place.’ With recent innovative renovations it seems as though his dream is being built anew. Dilworth Park opened during the first week in September with additional updates continuing through Thanksgiving.

C. Caramanico & Sons, Inc. is proud to support the project by providing landscape installations for Dilworth Park. They are working in coordination with Olin, the landscape architect, Daniel J. Keating, the general contractor and Gilbane Co., the owner’s representative.

Members of our crews can be seen in the above photo (CLEM MURRAY / Staff Photographer) as featured in www.philly.com. Be sure to visit and enjoy the beautiful surroundings you will find at the newly installed Dilworth Park. Click here to read more.

Don't Wait to Aerate

Now that fall has arrived, we’d like to remind you about the importance of core aeration. If you’ve ever been on a lawn and seen those little plugs of soil and thatch lying around, you’re already familiar with the process. Those plugs were removed from the lawn by a machine known as a core aerator. The simple act of removing the plugs (or cores) benefits turf in many ways. It relieves soil compaction; reduces excessive thatch; and makes it much easier for oxygen, water and nutrients to reach your lawn’s root system. Aerating your lawn this fall will promote a more vigorous root system and healthier grass plants. Those grass plants will have an easier time standing up to heat, diseases and drought next year. If your turf hasn’t been aerated yet, we strongly advise you to consider the fantastic value this practice provides. The sooner aeration is performed, the better! If you haven't already, call us to schedule aeration for your grounds.


Keep that Color Coming...Well into Fall!

Fall will be here sooner than you think, but that doesn’t mean your landscape’s color show has to come to an end. In fact, many summer flowers continue blooming during the fall season (at least until the first hard frost). Here are some fall-blooming favorites that will look great in any landscape:

Chrysanthemums: Better known as mums, these perennials come in just about every color but blue. They’re easy to care for and can be transplanted in bud form or in full bloom.
Care: Mums need full sun and rich, well-drained soil. They should be fed weekly during the growing season. Plants should be divided every year.

Japanese Anemone: Flowers come in pink, lavender, mauve and white with silken-looking petals that are perfect for cutting. They’re very hardy once they get established.
Care: Japanese anemones grow well in average soil, full sun or partial shade. They need lots of water and will benefit from a good winter mulch.

Asters: The dark lavender and purple tones of these flowers, also known as Michaelmas daisies, bring a nice balance to the warm tones of mums. Many different cultivars are available.
Care: Asters bloom from late summer into fall. They grow well in almost any soil. Flowers should either be staked to support the stems, or plants should be pinched back to keep them compact.

With these fall-bloomers brightening up your landscape, your property will look its absolute best throughout the fall!