Have you seen this woman who allegedly threw a chair off a balcony? A viral clip of a seat getting tossed from above the Gardiner Expressway led to guessing about where exactly the thrown chair landed. Some internet slueths believe they've found a listing for the scene of the crime on Airbnb. For now, the alleged culprit is just another mystery face:

“I think we all know what kind of crazy Marxist nonsense student unions get up to.” Doug Ford approved this message in a fundraising email, in which the Ontario PCs gloated about their move to remove some mandatory student fees. Meanwhile at Ryerson, the student union impeached its president, Ram Ganesh, amidst a spending scandal.

“Lady Barristers” robing room causes disorder in the court. The Ontario Court of Appeal has 69 lockers for men to change into their black robes, and only a dozen for women. Until a few weeks ago, some antiquated wording remained on the sign:

Twitter faces a lawsuit after exposing a trove of trolls. Meghan Murphy, a Vancouver writer whose account was removed as a result of her debating transgender rights, is now suing Twitter for banning her. Twitter is also in the news for removing foreign troll accounts, some of which were stoking debates about pipelines and immigration in Canada.

Sting will sing from The Last Ship to protest the potential shutdown at General Motors. The musical about the collapse of industry in northeast England will be the focus of an appearance in Oshawa. Three years ago, Sting singing at the NBA All-Star Game in Toronto made him the subject of local ridicule—but he knows who his real friends are:

“Planet Helix” house can let you live like a craggy Canadian rocker for $349K. Brian Vollmer, frontman of the Canadian metal band Helix since 1974, decked out his London, Ontario pile enough for it to be the subject of much discussion. Just before the Juno Awards come to London, though, the city’s biggest rock star has decided to downsize:

Joe Schlesinger dead at 90. CBC offered plenty of tributes for its former foreign correspondent, who preferred trotting the globe to working in management. Schlesinger retired in 1994, but continued to contribute columns to the CBC, on subjects like “The full-time job of growing old.”

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