“There is no value in you or what you are saying.” Ontario PC MPP Jack MacLaren, who conveniently defected to the new Trillium party after his latest gaffe was exposed, got in a great yell at Evan Solomon for asking questions. And, now that MacLaren is the first sitting MPP not to belong to a major party at Queen’s Park since 1955, former colleague Sam “The Oost” Oosterhoff couldn’t help but take a picture of the historic moment.

Big rubber duckie deflated as political pork. “It’s an absolute cluster duck,” Ontario PC tourism critic Rick Nicholls railed. He was talking about a $121,000 grant for the Redpath Waterfront Festival, which includes part of the tab for installing a giant inflatable bath toy in the lake. Although the duck is now on the Toronto Sun’s cover, its provincial tour was announced months ago.

Niagara councillor claims it wasn't him who sent a porno picture from his account. Andrew Petrowski shocked constituents when a mass email about lane closures was signed with a naked woman on a stool. He followed it up with a semi-nonsensical explanation about how the message was (a) an error (b) somebody else’s fault and (c) meant to be private. Past tweets from Petrowski have come under fire for being homophobic and anti-Semitic, the apparent consequence of staying true to his brand:

Beer tosser Ken Pagan is no longer alleged. The former Postmedia employee, who had a bounty on his head prior to being arrested for throwing a can onto the field at the Rogers Centre last October, has pleaded guilty to a mischief charge. Pagan's sentencing on June 28 will allow for a community victim impact statement to be heard.

How your outrage news salad gets made. A tweet from journalist Rhiannon Russell, bemused by her cutlery-free Caesar from the 416 Snack Bar, promoted a full cycle of reactions: some people found the salad problematic, others mocked the pretension, and a competitor offered a fork-friendly replacement. (The originating kitchen laughed it off.)

Eyeball flies above the flooded islands. All the flooding on the Toronto Islands has a new subplot: a peacock that roamed away from the Centreville zoo has been given the nickname “Eyeball” by some six-year-old girls. The bird gobbles up grapes and steals seed meant for ducks, but the zoo cautions against feeding him Cheetos.

“We Bought a Crack House” generates plenty of social media footnotes. Toronto Life’s first-person tale of turning a crumbling Parkdale squatter hovel into a gleaming family home provoked many human-search-engine efforts to learn more details. Compounding the curiosity is a Cottage Life article, about the very same family's purchase of a $59,000 fixer-upper. (It required less dramatic renovations.)

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A rebranding of a stretch of Danforth Avenue is two years old, but the nickname is only now appearing on signs. Some are wondering if the new monicker will succeed.

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