The Oost sung some very scary stuff. “Monster Mash” was a Halloween hit in 1962 for Bobby “Boris” Pickett. The novelty record became big again in the early-'70s. And it was a Queen’s Park smash in 2018, with new lyrics from MPP Sam Oosterhoff:

Ontario’s ombudsman has assigned a team to triage complaints about weed. More than 1,000 people filed formal complaints about long wait times from the Ontario Cannabis Store. But delayed arrivals have also meant more unboxing curiosity.

“Is your objection that you think when MPs are at social event with staff they should drink out of glass cups?” Conservative MP Garnett Genuis lashed back at Global News for making a story out of a video from a parliamentary meeting, in which red cups were being filled with an unknown liquid:

What kind of man admits to reading Playboy? Aubrey Dan, once an aspiring fedora-wearing theatre mogul, spoke at a Western University convocation about how Playboy magazine stoked his initial enthusiasm for WU women. He apologized for the remark, but not to a satisfying enough degree for a professor in a department that’s named after him.

Jordan Peterson’s documentary director is her own worst publicist. Shut Him Down came about after filmmaker Patricia Marcoccia’s original plan to explore JBP’s relationship with Indigenous carver Charles Joseph got distracted by bigger events. Her own view is that the 44-minute film, which will premiere via CBC Television, won’t deliver much:

Viceland’s new adult supervisor hopes to escape death by going live. The channel that Rogers gave up on backing in Canada—although Bell salvaged its programming—will shift its priority to a two-hour nightly live show. Vice Media president Nancy Dubuc imagines steering the company towards a sale:

Roger Ashby’s old sidekick is done with morning radio. Rick Hodge, the sportscaster who was one-third of Roger, Rick & Marilyn on CHUM FM until he quit in 2008, ended up on 105.7 EZ Rock in his hometown of St. Catharines. But now Rick is retiring from radio—one month before Roger leaves CHUM.

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Health Canada ordered the vape tobacco brand, which is owned by Rothmans, Benson and Hedges, to remove storefront signage from its downtown boutiques.

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