Niki Ashton's conception corrections. The NDP leadership candidate announced she’s expecting in November, which led the Toronto Star to suggest that the father is the husband who Ashton recently divorced. Brian Lilley was quick to chide Ashton for not using the words “baby” or “child” in the announcement. But then he apologized for making this personal news political.

Scheer Derangement Syndrome is already sinking in. The new Conservative leader raised eyebrows when a policy section disappeared from his website before his victory was announced. (But then, most of the ideas floated there are unlikely to make a party platform.) Still, speculation that Andrew Scheer is ready to override politicial tradition and steer the federal Tories toward revoking current laws herald a new era of fearful columns.

Parkdale rent strike approaches the first of a second month. Tension escalated when a truck driven by the president of landlord MetCap ploughed past a man trying to deliver a letter from a tenant. While about 200 tenants withheld payments for May, fewer are expected to continue into June—although some remain resolute. At the same time, reaction to Toronto Life’s tale of refurbishing a nearby crack house has inspired an actual fundraiser to pay off writer Catherine Jheon’s family debt:

Robert De Niro is our new rumpled face of real estate madness. The actor took a break from lamenting his own country to help unveil Nobu Toronto, a 660-suite condo and hotel complex in the Entertainment District, to be built atop the first Canadian location of the eponymous restaurant. Local developers sloughed off any concern about a housing bubble. De Niro, the longtime business partner of chef Nobu Matsuhisa, didn’t have much to say beyond how he'll be given a free condo unit in exchange for the endorsement.

Cereal bar fortunes sound rather soggy. Silo 13, which recently opened in the irony-deficient environs of Yonge and Sheppard, offers over 100 different cereal varieties. But the culinary experience doesn’t sound sustainable—especially since all those cereals tend to blend together into the same sugary mush. The hope is that visitors will share their concoctions on Instagram before adding the milk.

“When Canadians fight on Twitter” is a beautiful ballet. A screencap of a polite argument about whether a majority of Canadians "like" Justin Trudeau cracked 100,000 retweets. Both debaters acknowledged that their arguments were half-baked to begin with, and everyone went on with their day.

Joe Warmington is happy to offset “negative press covfefe.” President Trump might be getting incoherent in his war on the media, but the Toronto Sun’s Scrawler firmly remains on 45's side, having taken to wearing a red “Make America Great Again” cap after his trademark fedora got stolen. (Warmington suggests that it's all for a column.)

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