July 2013

Design Trend: Patterns That Feature People


Remember the R.E.M. song "Shiny Happy People"? Well, we've spotted a few of those on Pattern Tap recently. They've all been featured on quite a few patterns. Check it out:

Patterns with crisp photographs of people have been popping up on websites, and with good reason. We've found that photos of objects don't really connect with folks as much as photos with people do. That's because an image with a person puts an actual face to a product or site.

Photos, if done well, can tell a story and create a sense of personality. They can create an emotional connection. This month, we want to highlight a few patterns that really do this well.

We're Crazy About This Pattern

We really dig this about page pattern from the folks at Kick Point, a digital marketing agency in Alberta, Canada. After all, we're all a bit loony to do what we love, so who can't identify with the headline "Just a Bunch of Crazies."

Check Out This Pattern From Kick Point →

A Pattern That Highlights a Love for People

The use of a video in this pattern from Whiteboard, a Chattanooga-based design agency, really impressed us. But what really caught our eye was the way the video highlighted the company's love for people, especially for those who work there.

See Whiteboard's Homepage Pattern →

Hardly a Mild-Mannered Pattern

This guy may look like Clark Kent, but this pattern from bookkeeper site Bench is hardly mild-mannered. What makes this pattern relatable is that the person could either be the bookkeeper or the customer. Either way, we're able to relate to him.

Check Out This Pattern from Bench →

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