Sam the Record Man’s sign will really be lighting up again. Plans to mount the spinning neon discs above 277 Victoria Street have been delayed for so long that the only outlet still bothering to ask questions about it is the Ryerson school newspaper. But now there's evidence of the bulbs being tested:

Jagmeet Singh returns fire at Terry Milewski. The NDP leader spoke out about being questioned about the Air India bombing on CBC’s Power and Politics. His comments coincide with growing Liberal fears that he’d help knock them down to a minority government in 2019, through his mounting suburban support. Singh isn’t seeking a federal seat now, even though a Now Magazine cover story speculates that he might run in the Scarborough-Agincourt by-election to replace the late Liberal MP Arnold Chan.

CBC reporter argues over costume appropriation. French-language public schools sent out advisories warning students to avoid dressing up like a culture not their own, which led Kate Jaimet to write in the Toronto Star about how “The Halloween ethno-police frighten me.” The backlash also found the @CBCToronto tweeter clapping back at complainers. Lucas Powers identified himself as the one writing the responses. He says his tweets were journalistically justified, even though they were against the CBC's policy. But, as the New York Times clamps down on social media use, chances are we won’t see too many tweets like these again:

Vice Canada’s ex-editor named as drug mule recruiter at sentencing in Australia. Four cocaine smugglers tied to Slava Pastuk, whose links were outlined in February by the National Post, will spend the next few years in prison down under. The court heard that Pastuk was “a gatekeeper” with sway over his impressionable young colleagues—who claim they only went through with the smuggling plan for fear of being brutally tortured. (Pastuk, who was terminated from Vice when the company first heard of the allegations, hasn’t been charged—but Canadian police are still investigating.)

Melissa Etheridge’s mellow marijuana mug shot. The permissiveness associated with looming legalization has ushered in a new era of musicians being arrested for drugs. TMZ discovered that Todd Rundgren's bus was busted for two THC-filled vapes on the way back from London, Ontario. But the fun face of this era belongs to Etheridge—who headlined a Toronto cannabis confab earlier this year. Her California-legal stash was detected by dogs when she was crossing into North Dakota.

Jackie Shane’s story may or may not end here. Any Other Way, a retrospective of the work of Shane, a transgender R&B vocalist who called Toronto home through the 1960s, is covered in a Globe and Mail feature in which she contemplates returning to a local stage after 46 years away. Meanwhile, the New York Times interview describes her as being extremely reclusive in Nashville.

“Harvey Weinstein may be the central-casting version of a Hollywood predator, but he was just one festering pustule in a diseased industry.” Sarah Polley added to stories about the movie mogul, connecting his wish for a “close relationship” to her move away from acting and Hollywood.

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The pseudonym of 19-year-old Jingyi Wang, who has been charged with aggravated assault after a botched cosmetic facial procedure, conducted in a Bayview and Sheppard basement.

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