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February 2014

Lunch and Lean

Time-pressed? Read our tips for getting in a good, hard workout on your lunch hour while remaining presentable for your afternoon meetings. Also inside: How California farmers are coping with the worst drought in decades; becoming a workplace wellness hero; and Valentine's Day treats made with fruit. Enjoy!

The FruitGuys

A Sweaty Nooner

Work stretches

How to Get in a Lunchtime Workout

Transform lunch into exercise time! Just 30 minutes a day can help you slim down, shape up, and boost energy levels. Jonanna Widner gives you the nuts and bolts.

2013 GoodWorks

man on carriage in farm

A Record Year for Giving Back From Farm to Table 

Each year, The FruitGuys GoodWorks Program supports people in need, projects, and health from the field to the table. From record direct donations to food banks (600,000 pounds!), to grants to farms to increase their economic and environmental sustainability, to our Donate-a-Crate program, 2013 was a great year for giving.

California’s Bitter Drought

US drought map

Farms and Ranches Cut Back Production for Lack of Water

California farms grow nearly half of the fruits, vegetables, and nuts sold in the United States. Farmers, ranchers, wildlife, and consumers are all likely to be impacted by a third year of so far record low precipitation. Here’s how farmers are preparing to face another long, dry winter.

Office Health Hero

employees stretching together

5 Steps to Create Team Wellness

We spend many hours at work, so it’s no surprise the workplace plays a big role in our health. Sandra Smit gives you 5 easy steps to become an office hero and improve the health of you and your co-workers through wellness teamwork.

“Eat Fruit & Be Happy”

Apples on a conveyor belt

A Profile of Pennsylvania’s Frecon Farms

Three generations of the Frecon family have built a thriving business that includes a farm, retail shop, and cidery. Alex Scaletta reports.

Seeing Red

heart made of berries

Valentine’s Day Treats That Use Fruit to Say “I Love You”

Show your love this Valentine’s Day by creating treats that nourish the body and delight the soul. These vibrantly colored and brightly flavored fruit dishes will chase away the mid-winter blues.

Office Yoga

employee stretching in chair

4 Energizing Yoga Poses to do Right in Your Chair

Afternoon doldrums got you down? Got 5 minutes? Try some yoga! All you need is an office chair to relax and recharge – these 4 chair yoga poses can be done right in your office. Rebecca Taggert shows how in WorkLife.