Our company featured in Turf Magazine

A recent feature in Turf Magazine profiled C. Caramanico & Sons, Inc., in an article titled "Growing the Family Legacy." Turf Magazine is an industry specific publication sharing best practices in the landscaping industry. We were honored to be able to share our story! Click here to read article.

Shaping Up with Winter Pruning

Winter pruning is an important part of any good landscape maintenance program, and it’s a great way to keep your trees and shrubs “in bounds” while helping them to maintain a pleasant shape.

It’s much easier to see where pruning needs to be done during the winter (since leaves will have dropped). In addition, plants are less active during the winter months, with less fluid moving through the branches. This means that the wounds created from pruning will “bleed” less and will heal more quickly.

Trees and shrubs should be pruned in the winter to remove branches that overlap and rub against each other, to remove any dead wood, and to keep stray branches from blocking your driveway, walkways and windows. This will lead to healthier, better-looking trees and shrubs and a more functional, aesthetically pleasing landscape.

The only landscape plants that won’t benefit from winter pruning are your spring-flowering shrubs. By winter, their buds will have been set for blooming, and pruning them would eliminate flowering next spring!