Catching up with the criticism of Justin Trudeau’s optics. Brampton MP Raj Grewal isn’t resigning his seat, after all, despite continued questions about his gambling debts—although the PMO seems happy that he’s no longer a sitting Liberal. Meanwhile, a plug for a pledge was also portrayed as the PM simply pandering to the host of The Daily Show:

“This is a transparent effort to deflect attention from the current government.” Stephen Harper tweeted back at a Canadian Press story about his approval being required to release files in the criminal case against vice-admiral Mark Norman. CP’s Ottawa bureau chief pointed out that the article never said Harper objected to releasing documents.

Patrick Brown’s former chief of staff has gone to his dog. Alykhan Velshi, fired from Ontario Power Generation on his first day—after what was rumoured to be a vengeful intervention by Doug Ford’s chief of staff—has officially left the building. Questions about Velshi’s severance remain unaddressed amidst his pivot to pet videos:

Jerry Dias to Doug Ford: “Fuck you.” The president of Unifor scored a classic CP24 moment in a live transmission from the union’s regional council meeting. Dias has suggested that getting tough with General Motors requires Trudeau to talk like Trump.

The latest truth about Brandon Truaxe. The founder of cosmetics company Deciem, who was ousted as its chief executive in October, ended up held against his will in a London, England hospital, after what was diagnosed as a psychotic episode:

How the comic strip B.C. became a home video game along the way to Frank Magazine. Quest for Tires came together in 1983 when future Frank publisher Michael Bate—then the most famous arcade hound in Ottawa—was recruited by a home computer network endorsed by Doug Henning. The cocaine-fuelled tale is untangled by Ottawa Rewind:

“Curtains for the Clintons.” Bill and Hillary kicked off their tour at Scotiabank Arena with a softball interview with Frank McKenna and a weak turnout. Maureen Dowd was in the crowd, and came away with a Sunday column describing this sorry scene.

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