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- Summer 2015 -


Count Down to 2015 Homecoming Reunion
It’s well into Summer and excitement is building for the Stanford On The Moon 2015 Homecoming Reunion Conference, celebrating the 50th Reunion of our founding class -- the Class of 1965 -- and the official announcement of a Stanford On The Moon Endowment Fund at the School of Humanities and Sciences.
We are also very pleased to announce that the Stanford Student Space Initiative has offered to provide a speaker who will tell us about their lunar optical communications work, in addition to our featured speakers who will be asking “Who Owns the Moon?”  Don’t Miss It: Friday, October 23, from 3:00 – 5:00 pm.  Location to be announced.
Saturday morning may include even more excitement for space exploration enthusiasts:  Stanford On The Moon is looking into arranging a tour of the Stanford Student Observatory, located very near the Golf Course Clubhouse.  It is a beautiful location, overlooking the golf course, stables and hills, as well as a great opportunity to learn about astronomy being taught on Stanford Campus.  Keep watch for more updates and information.


Stanford on the Moon Alumni Club Southern California Activities ?
Regional activities have long been considered Stanford on the Moon possibilities for Alumni interested in discussing and participating in Stanford 21st Century directions. Southern California seems a promising first area for such activity and Stanford alum Sarah Taylor (1997) has been observing, researching and communicating on related Stanford on the Moon events. So please let Sarah and us know of any ideas or preferences in these matters.




Stanford On The Moon Endowment Fund Commendations 
It's an honor and privilege to note the Class of 1965 50th Reunion pledge by Steve Durst for the Stanford On The Moon Endowment Fund was acknowledged with commendation by Stanford President John Hennessy:
"We look forward to the pioneering research this fund will support over the years, and to the discoveries it will promote related to the moon and other extreme environments. Such generosity drives innovation, enabling Stanford to remain at the forefront of knowledge. Certainly, with your help, our faculty and students can imagine the future and respond to its most exciting challenges."
And by School of Humanities and Sciences Dean Richard Saller:
"From research centered on the lunar environment, to moon-themed art and music projects, to economic, social, and biological work on extreme conditions, your generosity and vision are sure to bolster and inspire many Stanford scholars."


The Sincerest Form of Flattery: "Stanford Alumni on Mars"
Imagine our surprise when a quick check for information on the Alumni website led us to discover the “Stanford Alumni on Mars” club!  We read with great interest the mention of Stanford On The Moon as part of their inspiration and considered how great it will be for Mars hopefuls to be able to build on the experience of their alumni brothers and sisters on the Moon.
We are already making plans to meet with the club contact Anand Manikutty (Class of 2015) to extend greetings and see how we might work together to realize an off-Earth presence for Stanford University. Either way, it’s “bye-bye Berkeley” since Ursa Major and Ursa Minor are the only “bears” in space.