Presto machine as manifestation of Jimi Hendrix’s “If 6 Was 9.” The more pieces of payment technology appear, the more likely they are to confuse TTC riders. (These upside-down numbers sparked a discussion about what the letters are for.)

Senators are combing through the Constitution to find a way to ditch Don Meredith. The censured senator might’ve deleted his social media, but he’s hanging on to his job in the Red Chamber, even though other members want him expelled for engaging in a sexual relationship with a teenage girl. Meredith has a defender of sorts in Anne Cools, the longest-serving member of the upper house, who told CBC’s Power & Politics that issues of personal conduct have no bearing on a senator's role.

Will the Hard Rock Café turn into the World’s Biggest Weed Dispensary? Chatter about Shoppers Drug Mart replacing the Hard Rock includes some speculation that the pharmacy is banking on legal weed to pay the rent. Meanwhile, the Downtown Yonge BIA wants to preserve the Hard Rock's legacy as a music venue. Regardless, there’s a solid Simpsons reference for the situation:

Tim Hortons franchisees pushing back against corporate cheapening. The cost-slashing ways of Brazilian-owned 3G Capital have led a group of longtime Timbit merchants to complain. Among the gripes: coffee pots that break due to "subpar or thinner glass," and Iced Capp cups that crush when the lids are applied.

Bedroom community becomes nest for millennials who won't take flight. The New York Times went to Oakville to find the people who are at least partially to blame for driving up the cost of living in the GTA: youngsters who live with their parents after graduation in the age of the side hustle. “It’s the only gift we can give them,” says one mom, who won’t sell the family bungalow both because it force out her kids and because it would move her away from her own mother.

Mark Steyn's ex-staffers say they were stung by his acid tongue. The conservative commentator’s threat to sue CRTV, the student-loan-billionaire-funded venture that yanked his short-lived show, is being hobbled by his own production crew. Under oath, they accused Steyn of verbally abusing them and said he blew his budget on fancy cheese. Plus, the host allegedly bragged about the cash settlement he'd score when the show fell apart. (Steyn’s rep calls all of the accusations “fanciful.”)

Gord Martineau finally says something about splitting with CityNews. During a panel on TVO's The Agenda, the ex-anchorman admitted he was “asked to leave” last February—not that anyone really bought the line that his abrupt exit after 39 years was amicable. And if you want to know more, says Martineau, you'll have to call his lawyer.

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What is it good for? Mayor John Tory accusing councillors opposed to the one-stop Scarborough subway extension of waging it.

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