Compressor Control eNews from Pneu-Logic Corporation
Compressor Control eNews from Pneu-Logic Corporation

New Option Offered by Pneu-Logic: "Build Your Own" Automation Kit

Add custom features to fit your needs!

We are now offering a “Build Your Own” controller option that gives our customers full control over the implementation of their 2 to 4 compressor controller!

The kit will be based on either the Pneu-Logic 2-compressor lead-lag controller or the 4-compressor targeted pressure rate of change sequencer option. Customers can start from a rock solid base of efficient and proven control logic, then add their own custom features that uniquely fit their plant’s needs. To learn more, read our blog post by clicking here.

Take a Time-Out for a 2-Minute Coach Bessey Video Chalk-Talk

Watch Eric Bessey's video on how to minimize compressed air costs.

Using compressed air to power tools and machines is an essential utility, but often, air compressors are heavy users of energy, and much of it is wasted. Applying the principles of Airgonomics™, Pneu-Logic has reduced compressed air energy consumption by 30-40%. In this 2-minute video, Eric Bessey, P.E. for Pneu-Logic, traces how compressed air inefficciency happens, why it needs to change, and what YOU can do about it. Click the caricature of Eric to the right to play the YouTube video.

Did You Know?

PL4000 User Access Levels

The PL4000 has multi-level user access allowing some users the ability to modify all system parameters while others only to view information. The PL4000 includes 3 levels of "Logged In Users." The first is simply a user who is granted the permission to acknowledge and clear alarms. The second is "Supervisor" who is granted permission to change high level parameters, such as System Pressure Set Points. The last is "Pneu-Logic" who is granted permission to change any and everything including low level parameters that are only found in the system's Modbus Memory Map screens. Any parameter changed by a user is tracked in the Parameter Change log so that it is possible to easily reverse parameter edits.

To create a new user, log in with your account:

Once logged in, navigate to the User List under the Diagnostics button:

From the User List you can view existing users and create or delete users of equal or lesser login levels. For example, as shown below, Fred can not delete or change Tom’s login parameters. However, Fred can create another “Logged In User.”

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