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Trementi Bar Veneto Rosso Appassimento 2016

It’s amazing what three friends can do together. Three friends who couldn’t get healthy fast food in their college town started a restaurant which grew into a billion-dollar business. Three friends who loved the outdoors constantly saw plastic waste in the ocean, so they started a successful business making towels from recycled plastic. Three friends saw the need for Italian Appassimento wines at great prices and created Trementi (meaning ‘Three Minds’), with one of their first wines being the Bar Veneto Rosso Appassimento 2016, this week’s Wine of the Weekend.

Tasting Notes: Made with 60% Corvina and 40% Merlot, this Vegan friendly Italian red offers intense notes of cherries, dark berry fruit, chocolate and oak spices. The tannins are soft and bring a round texture to the wine’s generous flavours and long finish.

Enjoy With: Red meats and classic Italian dishes with red sauces, as well as hard cheeses. Also great for getting together with two friends and solving the problems of the world!

Style: A full-bodied red wine, soft and round.

Terroir/Region: Trementi Bar Veneto Rosso 2016 uses the Appassimento method, which is also the method behind one of Italy’s most famous wines, Amarone. In this process, the grapes are left on racks to dry in special lofts, where constant air circulation prevents rot while the grapes dry and their flavours become more concentrated. The result is a rich, intense and spicy wine which has become the calling card of the Veneto region.

Producer: Trementi is a fantastic example of what can be done when three friends put their minds together. These three friends happen to be winemakers, so the result will obviously come from their area of expertise. We just hope there were no ‘friendly’ arguments over how this one was made!

Availability: Trementi Bar Veneto Rosso Appassimento 2016 is available in the Italy section of your local LCBO or for online ordering. Grab a bottle and two friends this weekend and see what happens!


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Price: Now $14.95

LCBO#: 13493

Size: 750mL

Alcohol Content: 14.5% alc./vol.