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Tucson is a trip

The Tucson Gem and Mineral Show is always just in time for Valentine's Day. Who's lucky? You or me? I think both.

At this event, there are people from all corners of the planet, in tent after tent and hotel after motel, all over Tucson, each filled to the rafters with treasures - well - some people don't have treasures ... you do have to know where to look,  but if you do, it is amazing what you can find.

In Tucson, I get to connect with some designers that I only see once a year. And I get to see what they have been up to design wise. (What could be better? Reality is, I only work with people I like, I have to not only appreciate their work but also like them as human beings.) It makes for a most excellent week!

So behold below, what they have done! 

Then ... next week, we will have the other half of the Tucson Show at 1906. This year we ventured into the world of minerals . . . fossils, geodes, ammonites, skulls, horns, coral - wait until you hear about Captain Doug - those who dance in this world are fascinating and quirky.

But focus, Valentine's Day is next week.


Lou Guerin

Cobra bracelet with sting ray, repousse leather cuffs, repousse sting ray cuffs

Lou Guerin

Parrots, come on . . . 

Mariella Pilato

Bangles and ring with quartz crystal, pearl rings

Lou Zeldis

The last of the brass and stainless steel bolos

Juan Hernandez

Orange water buffalo necklace

Juan Hernandez

Necklace with water buffalo tips, handwoven bangles from a Colombian Amazon tribe

More Water Buffalo Horn

Water buffalo horn bracelets, necklaces, and post earrings!

Crocodile Wallets

From Vietnam

Crocodile Clutches

Ostrich Feather and Leather Clutch

Excuse me, how darling is this evening bag?

And then the ravens . . .

Hand carved jet pendants with pearl or quartz from Bali