“Truth is, I’ve lived a very outspoken, provocative, possibly even outrageous life.” Marc Emery posted statements to get ahead of a story from HuffPost Canada that looked into tweets about his alleged behaviour around young women. The resulting report involves seven people offering misconduct claims, which Emery denies, and has further responded to.

“The Manalyst” is back to the front of the Toronto Sun. Gregg Zaun, the Blue Jays catcher turned commentator, who was fired by Rogers Sportsnet in November 2017 for “inappropriate behaviour and comments,” hopes to open a state-of-the-art baseball facility in the GTA. Attempting a YouTube comeback didn’t seem to catch on for Zaun.

Doug Ford deals a potential death blow to campus media. A decision to eliminate free tuition for students from low-income families came with a tuition fee cut—and an elimination of certain mandatory fees. As a result, student press can no longer count on being funded through steady levies:

Karen Wang says she didn’t even write that the NDP leader was “of Indian descent!” The former Liberal byelection candidate in Burnaby South blames a volunteer for the wording on WeChat that led to Wang being removed from the ballot. Meanwhile, a CTV interview that appeared to display Jagmeet Singh’s cluelessness about China accusing Canada of “white supremacy” turns out to have been recorded earlier than the critics presumed.

Rahaf Mohammed is still speaking in a post-millennial way. The teen refugee said she was seeking a normal and private life. But her Snapchats have continued to feed international content mines:

“Fiji Water Girl” is really going for that 16th minute. A week after her Golden Globes glory, Kelleth Cuthbert was replaced on another red carpet, as three replicants served the Critics’ Choice Awards. Cuthbert has more important work to do:

Austin, Texas will be the first to see the “Rob Ford Movie.” The makers of Run This Town felt cursed by criticism for casting Ben Platt as a male reporter investigating the mayor of Toronto. Candid shots revealed Damian Lewis dressed as Rob Ford—but the summary for the film’s March premiere at SXSW oddly mentions neither RoFo nor Toronto.

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