Omar Khadr payout aftertaste can’t be chugged away. Justin Trudeau has affirmed that the Charter of Rights and Freedoms protects all Canadians “even when it is uncomfortable,” as a $10.5-million settlement with the former Guantanamo Bay prisoner becomes the first big wedge to be wielded by new Conservative leader Andrew Scheer. (Meanwhile, the critical comments pile up beneath an ill-timed Facebook advert for Labatt 50.)

Pam McConnell dead at 71. The city councillor of 23 years (and school trustee for 12 years before that) was memorialized in a Metropolitan Community Church service that paid tribute to her activism. (Eulogists can’t help but mention that time she was bowled over by Rob Ford.) McConnell was instrumental in approving construction of the building formerly known as the Trump Toronto. The go-ahead hinged on her getting the developer to contribute Section 37 funds to the Regent Park Aquatic Centre—for which the POTUS praised her.

The ghastliest aspects of the Eaton Centre skybridge’s neighbour are starting to be scraped off. The bones of a new walkway connecting the second floor of the mall with the Hudson’s Bay building were hoisted into place over the weekend. Meanwhile, the historic building next door, at 2 Queen West—whcih originally housed clothier Philip Jamieson, later a Woolworths, then memorably a Tower Records—is getting its dirty turquoise cladding removed. It will ultimately look like this:

Stouffville mayor’s CSI-style evidence wall gets further exposure. Justin Altmann said he broke down crying with relief that he'll finally get to "tell his story" when he found out the town's integrity commissioner was wondering about the photos in his washroom—which he describes as a “mind map” with arrow lines drawn between portraits. (The identities of the people in the pictures were detailed by the Toronto Star, whose reporter Noor Javed is one of the faces, even though she’s not sure why.)

Is there anything that Prince Harry can’t do for Meghan Markle? Recent tabloid reports have the ginger “leaving the Royal family for love!” according to OK!, house-hunting in Toronto according to In Touch, and moving to Hollywood according to RadarOnline. A U.K. Sun report that there will be an engagement “later this year” was followed by an attempt to pass off some Suits-related photos as evidence Markle is trying on real wedding dresses. The story didn’t last long (the Sun learned its lesson before), but its claim was still recycled elsewhere:

“People say ‘party like it’s 1999’ and it really felt like that at the time.” Steven Sal Debus, the Sarnia native who invented “exam pants,” inspired by hospital scrubs, while at Brock University, lived the last days of the last millennium as the wildly successful founder of Modrobes—whose loud raver look pulled in a million bucks a year. But import regulations changed in 2000, by which time Modrobes built a reputation for not fitting well.

Surati Sweet Mart can’t stop its smell from wafting across Scarborough. The makers of Indian fried snacks and baked goods are accused of stinking up McCowan and Finch with oil and spice scents from their Middlefield Road plant, which opened in 2015. Surati shut down its midnight shift and reduced weekend hours to appease neighbours who liken the odour to putting their heads in a fryer.

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A brother and sister in their early 20s have been charged with bylaw offences after firefighters rescued them with a rope from near the top of the Scarborough Bluffs.

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