“Pearson International installed a ‘free weed’ bin :)” Signs instructing travellers to dispose of their cannabis in open hampers before proceeding to customs were posted to Reddit with this winking description. But the Greater Toronto Airports Authority clarified that these are temporary, while they wait on containers that come with a cover:

Billy Bishop cutbacks won’t shrink the shortbread. The end of free coffee and snack mix at the Toronto Island airport led to the widespread assumption that free cookies were also a casualty. After all, YTZ just added several new places to pay for food and drinks. Subsequently, confirmation came that shortbread will remain complimentary.

Postmedia quarterly conference call enlivened by American hedge-fund hothead. Leon Cooperman recently bought more shares in the publisher—and got on the line to argue with Paul Godfrey about the conspicuous lack of forward-looking comments. The exchange provided furthrer insight into why billionaire investors remain attracted to Postmedia:

The Hockey News saviour hopes to do the same for Chatelaine and Maclean’s. Graeme Roustan, the former head of Bauer, who's aspiring to become a media mogul, was revealed by the Globe and Mail as the dominant bidder for Rogers Media’s magazine brands. Seven publications are in the package, but not necessarily all of the editorial employees.

St. Charles Tavern clock tower shuffles up the block. Condo construction at 490 Yonge uncovered the entirety of the 1872 spire of Fire Hall No. 3, which later perched above a gay bar. Now the clock tower has been moved. It will eventually be incorporated into the base of a condo project:

“We’re at the pinnacle of achieving something that is the epitome of iconic.” The Matador Ballroom is listed for sale at $4.9 million. Building co-owner Paul McCaughey said that “investor fatigue” was the reason he put the place on the market, despite its recent rezoning as a public hall. McCaughey is now considering a proposal that could salvage the property from condo purgatory:

Justin Bieber’s alleged burrito-eating breaks the internet. A picture of a toqued young goof on a West Hollywood park bench, ravishing his wrap by starting in the middle, drew much deliberation about whether this approach is some kind of strange Canadian custom. It remains unconfirmed that the offensive photo is actually one of the Biebs.

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Education minister Lisa Thompson made this misspelling trend on Twitter when she mispronounced the word “anecdotally” while talking about math.

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