This is Your Captain Speaking

Hi everyone,

It's your lucky day - you get a second newsletter for the month of December, as there a few important announcements we had to send out before the Christmas holidays.

All the best for the festive season - I'm disappearing to much colder climes for a few weeks, so see you at the shed in 2011!

Mike Jones
WARC Captain 2011


Bunnings BBQs

The athletes from the Summer Nationals Program have organised a couple of Bunnings BBQ's for club fundraisers. So if you're handy with a pair of tongs, we need your help!

The first BBQ will be on Saturday 18th December. It's expected to be a productive fundraiser, but the SNP gang also have a Time Trial at Canning that morning, so will need helpers to cover for them until 10:45am.

What we need: 5 people to assist at the BBQ in each of 3 shifts: 7:45am-10:45am, 10:45am-1:45pm, 1:45pm-4:30pm.
When: Saturday 18th December
Where: Bunnings Innaloo, cnr Scarborough Beach Rd & Odin Rd
RSVP: Contact Amy Walters at

Parking on the Deck

The wooden boards at the front of the shed have copped a bit of damage recently, and one has now broken completely. This is due to people parking their cars on the deck, or driving over the deck while trying to turn around.

Under no circumstances should anyone park on or drive over the deck - our boatshed is fragile enough, so please look after it!

Also remember the parking bays at the front of the shed are actually a loading zone, and you may get a parking ticket if you leave your car there (particularly during business hours). There is usually plenty of parking on the far side of Riverside Drive in the morning and afternoon and near the belltower in the mornings.

Memberships and Fees

WARC's balance sheet is looking a bit un-balanced at the moment - there are a number of members who owe the club membership or oar fees. The total amount owing is up to several thousand dollars, so Caine "Hardman" Holdsworth and Peta "Enforcer" Rule are on the case.

If you are notified that you owe the club some money, please contact Helen Stevens at immediately to arrange payment. Helen can also give you a statement of your account if you want to know where the debt has come from.

Worst case, we will be suspending boating privileges for those who aren't fully paid up members if we have to - unfortunately we can't run the place for free!

Lord Mayor's Cup Registrations Are OPEN!

The time has come again for members of Perth’s business community to compete head-to-head in WA’s only rowing regatta in the central business district.

This year marks the 22nd anniversary of the WA Rowing Club’s annual Lord Mayor’s Cup regatta. The event is set to feature 32 four-man crews who will undertake a month-long crash course in the art of rowing, then compete over a 500m course during a day of festivities on the Swan River foreshore.

We need your help to ensure we get sufficient crews for the day. Our members are our greatest assets: The enthusiasm you bring to rowing is infectious and I ask you to use that enthusiasm to attract some crews to the competition. Ask your employer. Or, if you have your own company, consider entering a crew. Ask your mates. Ask your mum.

The LMC is not only a huge fundraiser for the Club, but exposes more people to the sport of rowing who may not have had the courage to participate before. In fact, our current Captain and a Vice President are both LMC participants.

The entry fee for each crew includes four weeks of experienced coaching with a strong emphasis on team-building and problem-solving, as well as competition on the day.

One of the reasons the Lord Mayor’s Cup has been successful for many years is that rowing is a sport that can be taken up at any age and any fitness level. It is also low-impact so people who find other activities difficult often excel.

Traditionally, the regatta has been a fun event with a good sense of humour and prizes for best-dressed crews. We have a range of races for all levels of experience, awesome prizes and also cater for those who wish to have a grudge match perhaps within a company.

Some of the feedback from the 2010 Lord Mayor’s Cup is as follows:
Excellent event, well organised and brought with enthusiasm!
All in all it was a fun experience!
We are so glad that we participated. The day was really fun and a great team-building experience.

Registrations are due on February 11 but we have in the past sold-out before the due date.

Happy rowing!

For a registration pack or for further information, email


WARC Gym Refurbishment

Finally, the WARC gym is getting a long-overdue facelift!

Wesley College will be extending their use of the shed in 2011 to include the gym as well as the function room, and as part of the setup, we will be refurbishing the gym in December-January.

The first stage will be the installation of some electrical and AV equipment on December 13-15. We will also be shifting the lockers and some of the gear around prior to this, so apologies for any inconvenience.

As part of the refurbishment, some of the existing weights equipment in the gym will be removed - the existing fixed weights apparatus takes up a lot of space and the room isn't that big! In order to continue to provide appropriate weights facilities for our members, we are currently negotiating access to the Wesley gym. A final agreement is still pending, but we don't expect any major problems.

Pennant Table

UWABC - 160.7
WARC - 104.5
SRRC - 101.5
FRC - 94.5
ANARC - 83.7
CUBC - 42.6
BRC - 36.2
MURC - 10.5
CLBC - 7.9
PRC - 7.8

Next regatta: 5100m National Time Trial at CANNING BRIDGE, Sat December 18.

For the Diary...

Saturday December 18: 5100m National Time Trial at Canning
Wednesday January 5:
Learn2Row course 3 begins

And that's the lot for this month - if you have any comments, queries or flames, please send them to the Captain Michael Jones at

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