Gallagher Index tricker than quantum computing. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau gained accolades for his 35-second technological treatise in April. Now, when it comes to electoral reform, Trudeau's democratic institutions minister, Maryam Monsef, has dismissed the work of an all-party committee on the basis that the math is too tough. And yet, the cryptic equation wasn't too confusing to be taught on Twitter.

Doug Ford fools the media maggots again. An email at 12:43 a.m. promised his presence at the registration desk for Scarborough's Ward 42 municipal by-election. In the end, DoFo didn’t show up at all. And no, he's not running. The fakeout was to launch this guy's candidacy.

Two actual Americans moving to Canada because of Donald Trump. Threats to move north of the border out of contempt for the outcome of a presidential election have historically been hard to follow up on. (One outlier was Winona Ryder’s evidently true claim that her parents relocated to Vancouver to escape George W. Bush.) But the Canadian Jewish News delivers what is possibly the first such story of the Trump era: University of South Carolina professor Bob Jesselson and retired lawyer Sara Schechter-Schoeman packing their bags.

Amazon Prime Video launch reports were kind of a lie. Despite numerous news items that all but declared a December 1 debut, on the heels of Shomi’s closure, Amazon told anyone wondering that the stories weren't true. The source of the claim was Bell Media president Mary Ann Turcke, who made an offhand comment during a CRTC hearing.

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“Real Fashion Santa” turns up in D.C. Yorkdale is sticking with its plan to replace the original Fashion Santa with a new bleached white beardo, Adam Martin—but Fashion Santa’s self-proclaimed originator, Paul Mason, is making good on his promise to stick around, even if it requires going to other towns. Mason went on Good Morning Washington, ostensibly to promote a humane society fundraiser.

Deadmau5 found alive. Joel Zimmerman, the big-eared DJ who was a ubiquitous media presence for a spell, is eager enough for a comeback that he prolonged a quarter-hour interview with CBC Music into a 210-minute ramble. He realizes the EDM sound can’t last: “It’ll go away. Just like pants did in 1840.”

“Why the LCBO’s booze-free bar bombed.” Bar Zero, a sufficiently ridiculed pop-up stunt—the kind of thing the Liquor Control Board of Ontario is mandated to do—garners a review: “There’s a conspicuous absence of laughter," writes Adam McDowell at TVO, "except when the occasional roving camera operator ambushes a group and enjoins them to fake it.”

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The title of the tiled mural at Downsview subway station, which is usually obscured by an ad—something that’s suddenly being complained about.

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