Please don’t feed the mayor when a large camera is nearby. Paul Salvatori was photographing John Tory glad-handing when one of Tory's assistants grabbed his arm to say no pictures were allowed when the mayor was putting something in his mouth. The mayor’s office explained that it’s an understanding amongst professionals that they won’t deliberately seek an unflattering image. Still, it’s not like an eating shot has never surfaced before:

Ontario PC infighting gets ugly as usual. Lisa MacLeod, an Ottawa MPP whose riding is being split in the next election, circulated an email complaining about the newly nominated candidate in the other part of her erstwhile fiefdom. The candidate, Goldie Ghamari, is a young trade lawyer who has been accused of being a party-jumping carpetbagger. Ghamari's trail of online posts under the handle “Persian Cat” have caused The Rebel to label her a “Harper-hating SJW.”

Facing a whole other nation with Justin Trudeau. Just as the PM turns up on the West Wing Weekly podcast to virtue-signal during its final minutes, we get the digital edition of his cringeworthy Rolling Stone moment, 40 years after the magazine wrote about his mom. Among the people contacted for quotes are past NDP candidate Noah Richler (“Trudeau is an appalling speaker, but he looks good.”) and Montreal DJ pal Terry DiMonte (“Still a bull in a china shop? Absolutely.”). The story reads like every other Rolling Stone celebrity profile: a 6,500-word explication of why he's on the front:

Google Canada chief leaves after falling for the Weather Network. Sam Sebastian has exited Alphabet Inc. so he can go boost the international profile of Pelmorex, operator of the Weather Network, which has leveraged Canadian cable cash to develop digitally. Meanwhile, Google is coping with a Supreme Court of Canada ruling requiring it to remove global search results that violate the intellectual property rights of Burnaby, B.C. company Equustek. Now Google is suing in California, in what’s seen as an effort to prevent similar cases from being brought forward.

Sometimes a drug store ceases to be a drug store. Countering the phenomenon of storied Toronto buildings turning into Rexalls or Shoppers Drug Marts: the renovation of the former Main Drug Mart, at Dundas and Ossington. Newly uncovered signs reveal the history of the storefront, which is rumoured to be becoming a bagel shop:

Will a business ever acknowledge that a fantastic viral fighting video was filmed there? Wendy's penchant for Twitter snark has been hailed by the Wall Street Journal. But then, when the epic Pizza Pizza melee made headlines, there wasn’t a peep about it on its stiff social media. Recent meta-subversive advertising from No Frills could have taken a cue from a parking lot brawl at Cederbrae Mall, in the shadow of a sign reading “WON’T BE BEAT.” But they'd clearly rather stick with this:

A tipping point for contending with the fentanyl crisis. WayHome Music and Arts Festival found itself under fire for forbidding naloxone kits on its Burl’s Creek grounds this weekend. Now, the fest has agreed to allow those with anti-overdose drugs to swap their syringe kits at the gate for a nasal spray.

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Justin Bieber is believed to have undergone one of these, leading to his decision to cancel the rest of a world tour, including two September shows at the Rogers Centre.

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