Canada’s next top Conservative clickbait candidate. Boston resident Kevin O’Leary visited what he initially called “Capitol Hill,” where he proclaimed Justin Trudeau to be a “fine surfer dude.” O'Leary's possibly fictitious run for leadership of the federal Conservatives can only help Kellie Leitch, whose campaign manager Nick Kouvalis previewed an angle of attack on O'Leary's uniquely cheap idea of elitism:

“Sunwing Girls” saga ends with best wishes from the judge. Milana Muzikante and Lilia Ratmanski, whose smoking and drinking on an August 2014 flight to Cuba led to it being escorted back to Toronto by fighter jets, were sentenced today. Sunwing claimed it lost $42,500 in the debacle, but the women were each ordered to pay just $7,500 in restitution and a $500 fine by a judge who didn't want to ruin their lives any further.

Toronto's own John Roberts got his old White House job back. After spending the presidential campaign defending Donald Trump at every opportunity, the Fox News reporter (and former MuchMusic VJ) is now assigned to him full-time. Roberts was last a chief White House correspondent for CBS in 2005, when he had to apologize for using the term “sloppy seconds." (President Trump seems less likely to mind such language.)

McMansion wife says she's been cyberbullied. After some Toronto Star coverage of a Windsor-area couple’s renovation (which Globe and Mail architecture critic Alex Bozikovic called “Maybe the worst home design story, and project, I have ever seen") brought new followers to Leslie Biggley’s Instagram, snark about her “Mid Century to French Country” remodel was sure to follow. But she praised her husband, Matt, for stepping in to swat away the haters: “He gets so fired up when people troll me.”

Hatchimals hoarder boasts of $6K profit. Water For Elephants author Sara Gruen caught flak for buying 156 of the toys on eBay, but she’s flipped it into a feel-good story, reaffirming that her rewards will fund a Supreme Court appeal. But the recent headlines about hysteria for the Toronto-hatched product make one wonder if the first Hatchimals-related fatality is on the way.

CBC’s fake news division ditches its warning. Online posts from comedy newscast This Is That got slapped with a “[SATIRE]” label in September after one was widely mistaken for a real CBC News report. But now that buzzkilling disclaimer is gone. Maybe the Ceeb isn't worried about milquetaoast jokes causing a stir:

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Alice Cooper's definition of the threshold of adulthood has been heeded by a federal task force, which says this should be the legal age for legal weed.

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