Everyone seems really eager to weed out fakery from your feeds. Canadian Facebook users will now be subject to a third-party fact-checking program facilitated through Agence France-Presse. It arrives just as federal Conservatives are being accused of spreading Fake News about Liberals. Also, a Twitter account parodying environment minister Catherine McKenna vanished amidst an alarm from the PMO—only to return to more followers than before:

For the People starts Friday. Who can help with refugee claimants overloading the shelter system? Doug Ford! Doug Ford! Who will restore funding to suppress gang violence? Doug Ford! Doug Ford! Who might even change how marijuana is sold in Ontario? Doug Ford! Doug Ford! Doug Ford! (The public can watch him sworn in at Queen's Park.)

“The quantity listed on the property tag and submitted did not match the true amount seized.” Two Toronto police officers who allegedly ate cannabis-infused chocolate they confiscated from a dispensary appeared at their professional misconduct tribunal. One left a legacy of selfies that continues to serve all these stories well

Postmedia cuts strike 10 more newspapers. The publisher will close six small-town outlets while shrinking four more. Vancouver remains a large target for further staff reductions: Postmedia president Andrew MacLeod asked journalists grilling him about those, “Is this an inquisition?

East York Hall of Fame kicks off with a crane shot. Toronto’s erstwhile borough spawned some celebrities, including Stephen Harper. But the first inductee into its hall of fame will be John Candy, for reasons outlined in the announcement video.

Sweet Jesus isn’t paying for this news item. When news circulated about three different petitions demanding that the ice cream chain change its name because of blasphemy, the press lined up to promote the company’s tolerance for a range of beliefs. In the end, the protests played into the hands of their current promotional approach:

Everything you want in a drug store that used to be a Hard Rock Café. Shoppers Drug Mart revealed that its new location will incorporate Friar’s Music Museum—named for the tavern that once stood at the site. Meanwhile, on the other side of Yonge-Dundas Square, billboards may be getting bigger.

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After five tied votes to appoint a fill-in city councillor for Scarborough, an empty tin of Edinburgh rock candy was deployed to draw a winner: Miganoush Megardichian.

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