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- Spring 2016 -


SOM Will Initiate a Discussion of the Stanford on the Moon Endowment Fund

  • We would like to initiate a discussion of how to work with Denise Ellestad, Director of Development at Stanford’s School of Humanities and Sciences on providing advice (non-binding) on awarding the endowment funds to appropriate projects with different Professors and Departments.
  • We would also like to explore how to increase contributions to the Stanford on the Moon Endowment Fund over the next five years.

SOM Is Considering Scheduling a Conference during Homecoming on October 21, 2016

It may be worthwhile to consider a Stanford on the Moon Homecoming Reunion Conference on Friday, October 21, 2016 from 3 pm – 5 pm.

In this Conference we would like to:

  • Introduce Stanford on the Moon to Stanford’s 11th President Marc Tessier-Lavigne, who will succeed President John Hennessy starting September, 2016.
  • Discuss new outreach efforts to increase SOM membership.
  • Explore how to increase contributions to the Stanford on the Moon Endowment Fund.
  • Present an overview of the current International activities on the Moon.
  • Discuss planned International Missions to the Moon over the next two years.

SOM Advisory Committee:

  • Steve Durst                     Class of 1965 (Founder)
  • Lois Driggs Aldrin                         1951
  • Bruce Lusignan                            1958
  • Jim McCotter                                1965
  • Loretta Hidalgo Whitesides          1996
  • Grant Anderson                           1985
  • Henning Roedel                           2011        
  • Jim Michaelis                               1960
  • John Kleeman                             1969
  • Alice Kavelaars                            2002
  • William Brown                             1965
  • Sigrid Close                                Professor of Aeronautics & Astronautics

Image Credit:, Anna Cobb