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Michael David Petite Petit 2019

’Tis the season between fall and winter when you never know what coat to grab, but choosing the right wine is a little easier. This is the time to bring out your big reds as stews and roasted meats hit the table, and the chill outside has us looking for something more warming in our glass. Michael David Petite Petit has a big, knock-your-socks-off flavour to wrap you in a warm wine-blanket and match almost anything on your table. This week’s wine goes over our budget a bit, but you’ll be able to taste where those extra dollars go!

Tasting Notes: The 2016 Petite Petit is a wine packing a serious punch, so be ready for it!  The grapes in play here are Petite Sirah, a.k.a. Durif (85%) and Petit Verdot (15%), a grape that grows small berries gushing with flavour and tannins. Expect big blueberry and black cherry fruit with lots of soft, ripe tannins, and sweet’n’spicy oak notes. It’s dense and intense!

Enjoy With: Hearty stews or chili, grilled steak or sausages, braised red meats, and strong aged cheeses. Big wines need big flavours to match!

Style: A rich, full-bodied red wine.

Terroir/Region: Michael David’s Petite Petit hails from Lodi, California, home of rich Zinfandels, bold Cabernets, and of course, Petite Sirah. Originally from France, this grape has found a second home in California, where the Cali sun easily ripens the berries and produces big, structured wines.

Producer: The Phillips family has been in Lodi since 1865, with the great-great-great grandparents of brothers Michael and David planting the roots, so to say. The family began growing grapes in the early 1900s and the brothers have continued to grow the family business, moving from just farming grapes to crafting wines from the family’s fruit. With Michael’s kids now getting into the family business, the 6th generation is in training to one day let Dad and uncle David retire.

Availability: Michael David Petite Petit 2019 is available in the Vintages section of your local LCBO and is available for online purchase and home delivery as of November 27.

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Price: $28.95

LCBO #: 213017

Size: 750 mL

Alcohol Content: 14.5% alc./vol.