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Toro Bravo Rosado 2021

Happy almost Rosé Day! June 11 is coming fast, so make plans to stock up in the next day or two. The first bottle we will be reaching for is Toro Bravo Rosado 2021, and we may not wait for Rosé Day to open it. Delightfully refreshing and a great value, this is one we are ready to pour freely for anyone who passes by our back yard while we celebrate rosé all day. Then again, that’s most days!

Tasting Notes: This blend of Shiraz (Syrah) and Garnacha (Grenache) offers up flavours of grapefruit and other citrus, watermelon and light cherry/raspberry notes. Lively and thirst-quenching, Toro Bravo Rosado is built for sipping in the sunshine.

Enjoy With: Almost all brunch dishes – eggs benedict, bacon and eggs, or bagels and smoked salmon. It’s also great for appetizers and light fare, grilled fish or seafood and chicken dishes like classic Spanish paella.

Style: A dry, fruity, rosé wine.

Terroir/Region: The Manchuela DO is located in Eastern-Central Spain. Almost no rain falls between May and September here, making the region hot and dry during the day and cool at night. This dry climate pushes vines to grow intensely flavoured grapes, feeding only from the water provided by early spring rains and what little irrigation growers use.

Producer: The team at Toro Bravo is focused on making a wine that delivers the most possible to anyone who picks up a bottle. It has certainly succeeded with Toro Bravo Rosado, but it wanted to go the extra mile to be certified vegan as well. This requires the team to find vegan-friendly materials and practices versus traditional winemaking, but doing more for its customers is what it does best.

Availability: Toro Bravo Rosado 2021 is available in your local LCBO as well as for online ordering. With only a few days left until Rosé Day, remember to grab your bottle now!

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Price: $8.90

LCBO #: 14145

Size: 750 mL

Alcohol Content: 12.0% alc./vol.