The mayor now has twice the tweeting power. Twitter’s selective trial of doubling tweet capacity to 280 characters is ideal for John Tory’s often circuitous speaking style—even if the federal government will more likely use it to post platitudes in both official languages. For his first foray into using the extra characters, Tory chose the matter of 73-year-old midtown resident George Sherwood, who was slapped with a $100 fine for his birdhouse library—at least until the mayor intervened:

“Rob Ford Memorial Stadium” debate heralds a return to a simpler, pre-Trump time. Social media ranting about RoFo was revived by the prospect of naming an Etobicoke football field for him. Marcus Gee, who implored Ford to run for mayor in 2010, now calls the idea of honouring Ford a whitewash of history. Meanwhile, brother Doug was busy hobnobbing for his growing selfie collection.

Scientology is still doing nothing with 696 Yonge. There’s no outward sign of progress on the building, despite makeover plans dating back half a decade and at least one property standards complaint. Previously, the organization was behind on its municipal taxes. And now it turns out the new Canadian HQ will be in a different downtown:

Peggy from Admiral Road is avoiding arguments about Hugh Hefner. Playboy’s newly dead founder inspired predictable interviews with would-be starlets who enjoyed free rent in his mansion. Nowadays, it seems amazing how much media bandwidth could be seized by Playboy stunts, like getting a pugnacious Miss Canada winner to get naked in its pages. Oddly silent on the passing has been prolific tweeter Margaret Atwood, one of Hef’s favoured recurring contributors, who perhaps doesn’t want to deal with a lecherous legacy that's even more problematic than luxury condos.

The tourists at the Cheesecake Factory will be disappointed by its actual views. Yorkdale is a month away from opening the first Canadian outpost of the 40-year-old, Drake-endorsed chain. The windows of the Cheesecake Factory will presumably face the mall parking lot that leads to bleak streets and the dismal highway—but customers will always be 13 subway stations and a ferry away from this:

Mailbots get a more dignified departure than most other jilted CBC stars. Maybe they’re not getting immortalized a la Mansbridge Hall, but a party was held to say goodbye to Basher, Maze Mobile, Mom, Move it or Lose It and Rasputin, five postal-delivering symbols of what the future looked like when “Fort Dork” opened. The droids even got a tribute song that's more annoying than they were.

“We didn’t get anything we were asking for.” News Media Canada chair Bob Cox was disappointed that legacy print newsrooms have seemingly been left out of heritage minister Mélanie Joly’s new cultural strategy, which includes a deal with Netflix that's seen as lacking specifics. But Joly did announce that Facebook will be working with Ryerson on some journalism thingy, who knows.

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Ottawa is set to remove this activity as an impaired driving offence.

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