Drum and Database

General web

HeartForth [github/neilk] is the emoji programming language we all secretly wanted.

Here are some first impressions from using React Native [jlongster].

drumcommit [github/3x14159265] is a script to play a drumroll noise whenever you commit.

BreakOutToRefresh [github/dasdom] is a Swift library to display a game of BreakOut while stuff is loading.

Here’s a nice little guide to using Haskell in production [34cross] (thanks James!).

Way to Go


CSS-Buddy [github/jodyheavener] is a Sketch plugin that lets you use CSS on layers.

And Subway [github/pixle] is a collection of icons for iOS, Windows Phone, Windows and (weirdly) Blackberry. There are 306 icons, so there should be plenty for everyone.

Pod Future


On SitePoint over the weekend, we had a great piece on why it might be time to think about podcasting.

Then there was an intro to Neo4j, the leading graph database, and how to use it with PHP.

And then we had a guide to creating custom UI components and live rendering with Xcode.

Last week, in a presentation to MelbJS, our very own James Hunter, explained how to create React and Flux apps that talk to a server [youtube/sitepoint].



Review Monitor [launchkit] pipes app reviews to Slack and your email.

Obama signed an executive order encouraging more cybersecurity threat-related data sharing between the government and the private sector [arstechnica].

Apparently Apple is keen on moving into the automobile space [uk.reuters]. Will they buy Tesla then? Maybe, according to one theory [calacanis].

Lastly, CMS manager MODX has turned to crowdfunding to try to find the money to make the product more accessible [a11y.modx] (thanks Jay!).

I’m Feeling Lucky


Here’s how you procedurally generate imaginary cities [tmwhere], just in case you had a burning desire to do that for some reason.

The Guardian has taken two things everyone loves — awkward blind dates and Google Glass — and jammed them together for your entertainment [theguardian]. What could go wrong?

This is a pretty crazy tutorial for automating your Mac with Automatic, IFTTT and Dropbox[macstories].

Finally, Doom meets Instagram [doomworld], or: How to make Doom even more hellish.


That's it for us today, we're going to spend the rest of the day looking through the gates of hell at the monsters within. So, just refreshing our Instagram feeds.

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